Ashley's Mission

Ashley's Mission

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Week 38 Zone Conference and Family Baptism

OI FAMILIA!!!!!!!!!!!!

You are all amazing! Thank you so much for all your love and support!

This week we had a baptism!!!! A family of 3! A father and his two sons. They are twins and are 12 years old. They are one month older than Zachary! I have told them all about my siblings and they really want to meet ya! haha

This family is so special! Their story is amazing and a hard one! But another dupla of sisters taught them back in out. but they never came to church. And about a month ago they were in a tough spot in their life and decided to come to church. I really learned that there is a time and a place for all those who are baptized! (FOR ALL MISSIONARIES: your work is not wasted when you have faith to leave people continue to pray that one day another group of missionaries will find them. Like us.) And we began to teach them again. And yesterday they were baptized! I love them so much. Their names are Amarildo, Amarildo do Filho, and Amarildo do Junior. Yes they all have the same name. haha The twins have become great friends with Pedrinho another of my recent converts and they are so much fun to watch. haha They are all excited to serve missions and they are saving their money to buy little name tags that say future missionaries. They always want to steal my name tag and take pictures. haha They are going to do some amazing things. I know it!!!!!!!!!

Zone Conference was fun but short. haha We left at 8 in the morning; Made it there at 10. Listened to talks until 12. Eat lunch. I went to work out some papers for my vista. And then we left and got back around 5. I really didnt have time to talk to anyone. That was a bummer. But I saw Sis Lavor and Sister B. Ferreira! They look great and happy!!!!!!!!!!!

Welll I have to go! I love you all so much keep me updated! I love reading your letters and emails! Thank you for everything!

Love ya!

Sister Wheatley

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Week 37

Hey familia!!!!!!!!!!
I am so sorry but this week will be short the internet is messing up here and I will not have much time to write!
I am happy healthy and well! Working hard and loving every sec. We are working hard with many families and many many people. We have been running all over Guarabira!!!!!!!!!! I love it! hahaha 
We have zone conference this week and will be traveling to Joao Pessoa. I am so excited and hopefully it will be some fun!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new comp! We are already amazing friends and work well together. I feel like we have been comps for years but it has only been one week!!!!!!!!!
I will try to send lots of pictures next week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Please- remember Satan is real and does not want your happiness. Choose the right course every day and God will help you!!!!!!!!
Thank you for all the letters and emails. I love reading them!!!! Even if I do not have time to respond know I do read them and love them!

Ate mais!!!!!!!!!
... and for all of you my mom has a blog going with all my emails and photos! Just ask her and she can give the address!!!!!!!!!


Sister Wheatley

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Week 35 Baptism of Rosineide



This week I had a baptism of a young women incredable with an incredable story!  We were contacting and we came across a young man (22) Adenildo and we marked to pass in his house to teach him a lesson later that week. We passed again we meet his wife (20) Rosineide who was really sweet but didnt like us too much. But we continued to pass by. And we started to become friends! I love her soooo much!!!!!!! And during this time our branch started to have classes about how to be self-suffient and we invited them. And they started taking the classes. Then we found out that he was baptized when he was 15; but he was baptized really wrong. (the baptism was completed right but he was an alcoholic, and didnt know anything about the restoration, etc.) So we began to teach them. We bought him back to church and sunday he recieved the priesthood and he baptized his wife, Rosineide!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. They only talk about how they are going to make it to the temple to be married in March of next year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! < She is amazing. Her family is very Catholic and she chose to leave the traditions of her family to follow Christ. I am so happy!!!!!!!! Families are forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I LOVE THIS FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!

THIS WEEK WAS TRANSFERS!!!!!!!!!!!! I am still in GUARABIRA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  But I have a new compheira!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Her name is SISTER ARAYA! She is from Chile!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She goes home in 3 months. She is adorable and funny!!!!!!!!! haha  I am excited for this transfer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I met her just an hour ago hahaha (:

I love you alll!!!!!!!! Thank you for all your love and support!!!!! I am working hard and loving every minute.

For all of you who are preparing to go on missions.....know It is work. It is important. And at times it is the hardest thing you have ever done, But you really can see God working around you and in you everyday!

Be obiedient and work hard and no matter what challenges you face- God will be on your side! (: 

i LOVE YOU ALLL!!!!!!!!! Ate mais!!!!!!!!!!!
Sister Wheatley

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Week 33 -Transfers but staying


This week was amazing!!!!!!!! We had our investigators at church and Joao (are recent baptism) invited his WHOLE family to church. And all of them had the oppurnity to watch the baptism of another sisters. The family- I think was more excited than the person getting baptized! haha We plan to meet and teach his whole family starting this week!!!!!!!!!! hahahahaa SOOOOOOOOOO Excited! I already love them! hehe

Questions for the week:

1.  Do you hear much about the Olympics coming to Brazil? I hear nothing. Right now everything is about easter. The commercials are full of things-but we dont watch TV. So for its really nothing. Sis Ferreira says that I wont get big until maybe may or june. The country created coins that are really cool- I hope to find one!!!!!!!! hehe

2. How many missions are in Brazil?  I thought the number was 43...but perhaps I have it switched 34? around 42-45 I dont remember exactly. Mine is one of the smaller missions outside of San Paulo. 
3.  How many Elders and Sisters in your mission? about 160 (: There are about 30 sisters (:

We will have transfers this week!!!!!!!!! We do not know about transfers until 9:30pm Sunday and if we get transferred we have to leave at 8am Monday. We dont have time to say goodbye or pack. I do not enjoy transfers week. hahaha It looks like SIster Ferreira will leave Guarabira 1. because she has already been here 6 months  2. because president told her that she will probably leave. He told me... I will probably stay! ... I am super sad to not be her comp anymore, I will miss her a ton! We have gotten really close and I will miss her so MUCH!

SO I WIEGHED MYSELF AGAIN THIS WEEK! haha Blessing of the mission! I am offically 135 lbs!!!!! I have lost over 30lbs!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel great and so much healthier! I am eating a TON more (just excerising and eating better things!!!!!!) <3 <3 <3
Everytime President sees me- he laughs and tells me I am srinking! haha Being healthy physically really can effect how you feel emotionally. I have really gained a testimony about keeping your body healthy and active. It is very important. Really study the word of wisdom. It is an amazing tool to bring happiness to your life!!!!!!!!

Sister Wheatley