Ashley's Mission

Ashley's Mission

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Week 24 Loving her new area and companion

I am so excited for NATAL or Christmas!!!!!!!! And talk with my family!!!!!!!! Today will be short because I will talk with you all FRIDAY!

I LOVE GUARABIRA!!! I didnt think I would love an area better than Santa Rita but I was wrong. Here there is so much work. The members need help because most of the members are recent converts. There are tons of investigators AND MY COMP IS INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE HER SO MUCH! We are already really really good friends!!! And we work really well together.

She also wants to learn English. So I teach her English and she teaches me Portuguese!  She really helps me a lot!!!!!!!!  

The Catholics and the Protestants are at war here.  They really don't like each other. And because missionaries haven't been in the area everyone thinks we are their enemy. The Catholics think we are Protestants and the Protestants think we are Catholics. Its really funny!

Well I have to go! Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!! LOVE YOU ALL!
Sister Wheatley

Monday, December 21, 2015

Week 23-Transfer to Branch Guarabira new companion Sister Ferreira

Oi familia e amigas!!!!!!!!!

AMO VOCES!!!!!!!!!!! 

We had transfers today!!!!!!!!!! I am now in the Branch Guarabira!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is really really really far away from everything hehe.

I took a 2hr charter bus to get here! Was crazy!!!!!!! Its on the top of a mountain reminds me a lot of Idaho! haha Because its so far and in a district not a stake- we dont have contact with anyone and the missionaries that get sent here stay for a long time! haha My new district is only 4 sisters and we live in the same house. haha My sister Leader is Sister Jacobson! She is awesome! And from Texas(: 

 I came with Sister Lins again! haha SIster Lins has always lived with me. We where in Bayeux and Santa RIta together and now we are here together! I love her!!!!!!!!!  We are very close and she is adorable. We have never been comps but always lived in the same house and same area! We actually will leave the mission the same time too haha! She is from Salvador, Brazil! LOVE HER So happy she is with me!!! 

My new Comp! Is Sister B. Ferreira (: She is soooo cute and sweet! I already love her!!!!!! She is so ready to work and is adorable!!! I will send pictures! She is from Sao Paulo, Brazil!!! (really close to the MTC there) (:

The Branch is only about 8 years old and about 5 years ago got a building! According to the sisteres here, the missionaries do a lot in the ward. I am so excited!!!!!!!!! 

I will miss Santa Rita! I loved it there but I am excited to start my new adventure here!!! (:

This week we will have conferencia de Natal!!!!!!!!! I am so excited! Its in Joao Pessoa about 3 hrs away now but its with all of the elders and sisters! There will be a talent show, food, a movie, activites, and more food!!!!!!! YES! haha (: 

Well I have to go!!! I love you all sooo sooo  sooo much!!!!!!! HUGS
Ate Mais! 

Sister Wheatley

Monday, December 14, 2015

Week 22-Hard Week-Picture of Tampica (breakfast) at the bottom -sorry I can't get the blog to publish it in the right color!

1. How often do you have district meetings or zone conferences? District- once a week but its only with sisters. I only have contact with my district leader when he calls us for numbers or when we have a baptism! Zone- Every 3 months. Thats the only time I see elders. But this time with be confercia de NATAL! It will be 5 zones! I am really excited!

2. Do you have interviews with your President every month?  How does that go since he does not speak English? No every 3 months, but every zone is different so sometimes if you move zones you have more or less. Presidente is amazing but he is a man of very few words. haha I speak portguese so its not a problem haha I talk normal with him in portuguese. Our interviews are very short maybe 10minutes max, and thats if we have questions. Usually its more like 5 min. He finishes our whole zone in 1hr. haha (:

3.How are your shoes? I bought new ones! hehe I use the other ones for church. They had a sell for sandles really really cheap and they are much better for conditions here. SO i bought new ones about 2 months ago(: They are perfect!

4. Are you ready for colder weather?  You better remain ready to stay warm....the summer is upon you now.  (colder weather is not coming)  :-) hahahhaahahaha This week was HOT. but I am really adapting well. Its normal. I dont feel uncomfortable in the heat. it was about 68 F the other day and I was freezing! I wore a jacket haha Its about 80 to 90 everyday. we dont have ar conditioning anywhere so I dont change temps a lot so its comfortable now. Then only thing is the sun is very very strong. Sometimes it beats down on you and you feel yourself frying but its normal! haha One thing super lucky I dont really sweat all the other missionaries sweat a ton but I only do a little around my face. 

5.  Do missionaries speak in church much? Depends on the ward. My last ward the missionaries never spoke. in this ward the missioaries always have the second sunday. Its good practice for me!!! We also plan an activity every month. This week- was our turn!!! I went a little crazy but we had an amazing turnout!!!!!!!!!!!! We did a night of tampica (its amazing) then we played some games I created that where centered with missionary work! It was so much fun! We actually had 7 investigators there, 4 less actives, and lots of recent converts and members! It was increadble!!!!!!!! (tampica is a food that does not exisit in the US and I will have withdrawals when i go home. I eat it everyday! haha)

6.  How many members come to church in the ward  Do most walk or have cars? about 90-100. Lots of people walk or take the bus, Maybe 5-8 famileshave cars. A lot of times they push 2 familes in a car. The cars here are really really small!. The bishop here doesnt have a car, he has a shiny bike (its really old) but he LOVES this bike and we love him! haha (:

This week was BUSY!!!!!!!!!!! 

But boy was this week hard. If there is one thing I learned this week. is that Satan is real and does not want his children to be happy. Everything we did Satan attacked this week. I really felt like I was in a battle. But WE WON! We ended the week with 7 investigators in church 2 reactivations and alexandre recieved the HOLY GHOST!

This is an example. We taught this family about the restoration and they loved it! They were so excited to read the book of mormon. We left happy. We left to visit another family and when we passed 30minafteranother set of missionaries where teaching the family antimormon literature. Now they wont even look at us when we pass. its very sad. 

People really firm where attacked this week in our area and the other sisters. But we pushed through it and the other sisters actually marked a batismo! 

We where feeling down wed and we decided that is actualliy what Satan wanted us to feel so we picked up the work again. Lots of bad things happened but we pushed through. and today I am glad to say we won!!! 

I recieved a new resolve to battle Satan until the end! haha (:
 Love ya ATE MAIS!

Sister Wheatley

Monday, December 7, 2015

Week 21-Week of Miracles and Baptism

This week was a week of miracles!!!!!!!!!! AGAIN! haha I love weeks like this!

My comp and I decided to do things a little different then we usually do and we decided to really let the spirit guide us this week. And miracles happened!!!

1. WE HAD A BAPTISM!!!! His name is Alexandre. And his story is incredible. Exactly one year ago the sisters found him and taught him all the lessons but he wasnt prepared to be baptized. So he stopped seeing them. Then after 1 year lots of things changed and the elders knocked on his door. Then we arrived! (the elders hadnt taught him a lesson yet) And we began to teach him again. I LOVE THIS GUY! He has become a very good friend. He is so funny!!! We run into him all the time. It has been a blessing to watch him change and gain a testimony. But believe me when I say Satan did not want him to be baptized. Lots of things happened while we where teaching him but something unquie about him and his story he chose to pray and read his scriptures every single day. And because of that he was streghtened in ALL of the trials that attacked him. He actually had to chose to be baptized over the people he loved. And the miracle of the story- one he chose right and two because he chose right the ones he loved actually had very profound spirtual experiences and are now active members and new investigators. OH .. He has the cutest little daughter she is only about a year old. AND she is darling!!!!!!! ( I will send pictures next week) (:

2. We have been working with a less active family for a month now. The father is a less active and the mother is not a member but the son is extremly active! This family has literally become my family here. I call her mom! She feeds us all the time!!! haha But this week, THE FATHER CAME TO CHURCH and the mother WANTS TO KNOW IF THE CHURCH IS TRUE!!! We have started to teach her!!! I am sooooo soooooo happy!!!!!!!!! 

3. We actually had 6 new investigators come to church (from different families) and 2 people reactivated!!!!!! 

4. I continue to lose a ton of wieght! haha I love it!!! I feel great!!!!!!!!! Only problem is that none of my clothes fit. haha sorry mom. hehe  SO a member of the ward is helping me take in some of my shirts and skirts! SHE IS AMAZING! < 

5. Last week are meals fell through every single day because of different things. And that was hard not to have real food, but this week the members went out of there way to feed us. We had two days when our meals fell through and other members actually took us to restaurants! 

There are more but I dont have time to write. haha I love you all so much!!!!!! Keep smiling and remember when you are obedient the Lord does NOT hold back blessings!!!!!!!  :) Follow him 1st!


Sister Wheatley

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Week 20 Shrek and the Donkey ??



We notice a lot of graffiti on the buildings.  Do you have lots of gangs in Brazil?
Hahaha yes there are a ton of gangs. Lots of gangs but the graffiti is not usually them. A lot of homes decorate their homes with graffiti type things and so do stores and restaurants! Where I am has a lot of gang related violence. But I feel completely safe. They don't mess with us!!! (: I know the good and bad areas and we are exactly obedient to the rules and to the spirit. We actually don't work at night in this area we work during the day and morning(:

We are curious to see what road you take to get to the hill that you climb.
Next week I will send you a list of cool streets to check out! One really big hill is Rua Professora Seevero Rodriques, Santa Rita.

Do you get out any more on P-days than you did in the last area?
Yes and no, haha this area has a lot more shopping but not more things to do! haha we have plans to do a spa day(: haha President said we could! hehe only thing we are not allowed to paint are nails any color other than clear or white. haha so only a massage(: We have SUBWAY AND MISTER MIX (an amazing milkshake place) HERE. In my mission we are not really allowed to do a lot of things, but we make the best of what we can do. We do a lot of crafts and music (efy of course) (:
How do you wash your clothes? Are there laundry mats?
I have actually never seen a laundry mat here... we have a washer. but we hang dry all of our clothes; funny thing you ask that this week because our laundry washer broke and we now hand wash our clothes (for the next few weeks) until we can get another one sent to us(:

I see your clothes hanging near your bed.  I guess this is how you dry them?
Yup! And because our apartment is really small we don't really have room to dry them! haha

This week was hard but there are always miracles and funny things to share.
1. Here in Brazil they make this noise (psh) to call attention the people or children. Its really cool! (used the same way we whistle) But it is a little tricky to make, and I was practicing as we were walking because (I thought there wasn't anyone in the street) well there we two boys about my age and I made the sound really loud. And they thought I was calling them. (the same way guys whistle at girls there) It was so funny!!! I couldn't stop laughing- my comp explained to them I didn't see them. And me we talked to them about the church. haha
2. SO my comp and I have been together almost 10 weeks! And the other week we were walking and she stopped and said "you are strange." I didn't know how to respond so I laughed and said thank you. Then she continued... "you never talk in our house, you don't talk a ton in big groups, you don't talk a ton during our meals, you don't talk a ton in church." then she stopped and asked me if I knew the movie Shrek. And I said of course. And she asked me if I remember Donkey. And I ask of course then she said, " but boy when we are walking you are an exact copy of donkey in shrek. You sing and talk a ton." I could not stop laughing!!! Then we started to really think about it and I am totally donkey- I talk and sing a ton, I am usually really positive, and super goofy. haha And she is totally Shrek. Now it is our joke. I love her a ton but its true we are different. But we have learned how to work and love each other! That is a miracle of the mission!
3.I do not have photos of my family and I was really sad about that the other week and I was looking in the ensign for a photo for my planer and I found the photo of KAYLENE ABIGAL AND MARDELL! haha I had no idea it was in the exact copy.. and it was in Portuguese(: hehe I show everyone my cousins! Its so much fun! (was another miracle)
4. Funny thing here people call afros- black power! its hilarious!
5. Cool fact- the yws have their own hymn book here!!! its really cool!
Well don't have much time! Thank you all for the recipes and letters! I love you so much!!!

Sister Wheatley

Monday, November 23, 2015

Week 19 Cookie Recipes??

Oi amigos e familia. 

Today is going to be really short because I really don't have much time today! haha I never do but oh well haha.

I LOVE THIS WARD THIS AREA! I love it sooo much! This ward is incredible! 

1. The ward mission leader has step up a plan like nothing I have ever seen for us missionaries and the ward missionaries which there are 5 companionships. Each week we are each (each comp) a list of 15 less actives and our goal is 2 investigators for each group to have in church on Sunday.
2. every Sunday the ward does visits. and they chose an area and everyone visits the members and less actives in that area.
3. Every day a member goes out with us.

It is amazing!!!!!!!!!!! 

Alright I need your help! Here they do not have cookies like we have cookies. But everyone here has heard about American cookies. I need the best cookie recipes you all have. The ward wants to make American cookies for an activity. They want all kinds. So please send me recipes. We have all the normal ingrediants here!!! (and if you have brownies from scratch that would be helpful too) hehe ya´ll are the greatest!!!!! 

I love you all thank you all for your love and support!!!!!  


Sister Wheatley

Monday, November 16, 2015

Week 18 Excited!


ok i over did that a ton but I am just really excited! I have the privilege of doing something many sisters don't get to do!
Starting this week I get to open an area for missionaries!!! This area has never had missionaries before!!!! Its a suburb of Santa Rita. There are no members there and its very very rural. we actually have to take a train to get there. This area will be apart of our ward until it can form a branch. President was really sure we were up for the task. We hope to plant many seeds! We are so excited!!!! And a little nervous. I am a little nervous especially because my Portuguese is improving but not perfect and I really want to help in this new area. But I know Heavenly Father will help me.
This week was a little hard opening an area for sisters because the elders gave us nothing. We didn't have recent converts, a map, locations of members, nothing. We spent a good part of the week figuring out where we were. haha
But we had a ton of miracles. 2 recent converts actually found us on the street. THE WARD HERE IS AMAZING!!! They really want to help. This ward has already sacrificed a ton for us. We already have new investigators. Families (members with their children) went on splits with us. The ward on sunday went with us to find less actives. The ward mission leader is a boss. he has set up a system here. This ward is ready for missionaries. I LOVE IT!!!!
We (the missionaries) actually did a ward activity Thursday. All about missionary work. And Sunday we gave talks.
I gave my first talk on Sunday!!!! in Portuguese!!!! haha I hope they understood me. hehe (: I spoke on love. And how our savior loved us and because of that he sacrificed for us. And now its our turn. I told them I am here to show my love and I know together we can show our love and strengthen the missionary work in this ward. I think it went really well. I felt the spirit. Not sure if it was the nerves or the Portuguese. But I am so excited to be here.
The area is very hard physically. I actually have 3 areas now. All three are very far from the church building which is hard. \9we live by the church building) And two are on a HUGE plateau! The area starts at the bottom and ends on the other side. The streets are on all sides on the plateau and are very very steep! and long. A lot of them you can not see the bottom from the top. Some are so steep you can only go on foot. Some I actually walk on hands and knees. I am climbing in a skirt! SISTER POWER (: hehe haha During the day when its really hot I am so tired. But every time I get really tired. I pray and I have energy again to press on. When we return at the end of the day I crash. haha But another plus ... I am losing more weight! haha And the members feed us a TON!!!! haha I am never never hungry!!!
Another miracle. I am not in pain. I push myself to my capacity everyday. At night sometimes I hurt. But when I wake up in the morning; my body doesn't hurt or feel sore. I feel normal. I know its only because I am doing what God needs me to do.  I FEEL SO BLESSED.
Well I don't have much time! But I love you all!!!! Thank you for everything! I feel it!
  • REMEBER you can do anything with Gods help. Even climb mountains in a skirt in 90 degree sun! haha (: (I know I could do it in high heels if he asked me to do that to. there is no doubt in my mind)
Sister Wheatley

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Week 17-Transferred -opening it for sisters-Santa Rita-new pictures

Oi familia e amigos!!!!!!!
haha welllllll I wasn´t online yesterday because a LOT of things happened!
1. Sunday night at 9pm we received a phone call saying that we were having a emergency transfer and we were to report to our new area 8am Monday!!!! haha
2. They closed my area for sisters. and we are opening an area for sisters!!!! 
3. REASSIGNED TO SANTA RITA!!! (: You say Rita in portgues like (heata) 
4. We had 30 min to talk to the members in our area before we had to be in our home.
5. Then we had to back and clean the entire house for the elders to live. We were up to 2:30am cleaning.
6.Then we woke up at 6 to go talk to a few of our investigators and recent converts. That was really hard especially because many people were angry that sisters were leaving and we were leaving....
7. We crammed 6 HUGE suitcases sister lavor and me into a tiny tiny car. I sat in the space that could barely fit Jacob! haha My legs were dying!!!
8. When we arrived: the elders showed us to are new home. 
IT  WAS HORRIFIC!!!! I am not one to think things are horribly dirty, but I dont not understand how the elders even lived there. I refused to bring my things into the house until it was cleaned. It is very small and smelled and looked like death!!! Spiders where part of the family!!! hahaha 
9. All the elders said was sorry and laughed. I seriously cant look at them the same anymore! 
10. I said nothing. I thought the other sisters where going to kill someone!!! haha They wouldnt stop saying "I will never marry." I have to be honest - it crossed my mind too.
11. We cleaned the apartment from 9am to 3pm. NONSTOP. And then we started to unpack and relax. We all fell asleep.
12. We were not able to email because 1 it was a holiday and everything was closed and 2 we have FHE with the ward when we all woke up! 
14. The area is difficult but I am excited haha(: We know nothing. haha we have a really scary map and the elders did not write anything in the area book. We dont have names or addresses. Just an awesome 1st councilor in the bishopric who has been a miracle!!!
15. My area is on the top a mountain. haha not really just a massive hill!!!! We live a 45 min walk from where my area begins. And thats if we walk fast! haha .... My area starts with the biggest hill I have ever seen. You can not see the top from the bottom and its almost straight up! hahaha The hill goes on for about 15 minutes in a car. haha
16. The area is beautiful! And there are so many resturantes, fairs, and stores. 
17. Pray for us the next few weeks. To help us settle in and learn the area. 
Thankfully I know this is where God needs me!! I love it here. The people (members) are so welcoming and REALLY excited to have sisters. I will miss the people of Bayeux! They are amazing too!
Well I love you all gotta run!!! <3 
Te amo!!!!


Sister Wheatley

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Week 16

oi familia!!!!

Are you getting used to using the 24 hr (military time system)? no. its horrible. hahaha especially because for some reason numbers are really difficult for me! haha in my planer I always write the normal time. haha 

What are some more customs you are noticing?
1. They eat ketchup and mayonnaise with EVERYTHING! hahaha and a ton of it!!! It is crazy. I thought we eat a ton ... they eat gallons of the stuff! hahaha 
2. It seems like Brazil has a holiday every week!!! haha its really funny! And on these holidays EVERYTHING shuts down. You can´t do anything. and the hard thing is that its always on a Monday! haha
3. If you need information about anything. You just stop someone on the street. People are very open and talk to everyone about everything! haha Its really nice as missionaries because people open up to us REALLY fast! THEY LOVE TO TALK! hahaha Even more than I do!!! haha (: Actually its quite funny- I have changed a ton, I talk but not excessively hahaha I got in a habit of just listening and now I like it. and I LOVE silence now. its so nice they few times I get it! Hahaha (:  ]
4. They LOVE the Aristocrats here. The little girl cat is everywhere! haha

Do you have many Spanish speaking people in Brazil? or other languages other than Portuguese
Everyone speaks Portuguese. Only the missionaries are fluent in Spanish (: haha everyone here studies Spanish and English in school. Like we do with Spanish in the USA. But English is everywhere. Music, signs, directions, people here use English a lot!

Do you still remember how to drive?  Do they drive on the left side of the road there? hahaha I wish. I think it is the same. Most streets are one way. There are not many streets two ways ... those streets are HUGE. Many people have motorcycles. Cars are REALLY EXPENSIVE. a used car is around 50,000 reias! haha so must people don't drive cars.

Are you getting used to the consistent weather there?  It is starting to get cool here. It gets hotter everyday but for some reason it doesn't really effect me. Everyone else is dying but I feel fine haha its a blessing and a miracle! There is a LOT of wind"!

Here are some words in Portuguese:
Accounting- contabilidade]
My warrior- meu guerreiro (zacks nickname) 
Travel agent- agente de viagems

This week was a week of miracles again! We found 4 families married!!! I am so excited to teach them this week!!! One family wants to get baptized! I am so excited for them!

This week we have lots of plans. Today was transfers but Sister Lavor and I  and my whole apartment will be staying together|!!!! This transfer is a little different it will be 7 weeks instead of 6!!! so its really long! We are excited to make the best of it!!! 

MY MOM IS THE GREATEST! She sent me the greatest funniest package ever!!!!
They have Oreos here but not other flavors! My roommates where in heaven! And the animal crackers!!!! haha
The little spiders are soooo cute! We spent hours making them the other p-day I will send pictures! hahaha
And playing Spot It!! Mom you are the greatest!!! haha 

Well I love you so much!
Amo Voces!!! Short on time!

Sister Wheatley

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Week 15-Birthday Miracles (Ashley's words)

Oi minha familia!!! <3 I love you all so much!! This week was awesome! Was a birthday of miracles.

As you know yesterday was my birthday. Its weird to think I am 20! haha  But it all started with the other sisters bursting into my room at 6:30 singing and dancing with a huge gooey cake!!! And TONS of sprite! haha We eat cake and sprite for breakfast! (life of a missionary) haha

But the milagres/miracles started when we went to church!!!
1. Joao received the priesthood!
2. 3 recent-converts that never go to church were there!
3. 2 less active families we have been working with came!
4. A new investigator came to church!
5. The missionaries were asked to teach gospel principles and other sisters did not want to teach. at all! haha and for the whole week they fight over who was going to teach it. And Saturday night came and no one had prepared anything. So I said I would. And so for only 1hr and 30 min I planned a lesson about the roles in families. I have never prayed so hard  for the language and the spirits help. And Sunday came and I TAUGHT AN  45 MIN CLASS IN PORTGUES!!!! The spirit was so strong and THEY UNDERSTOOD ME! There was a lot of discussion and participation and I was able to do and say everything that I wanted and felt the spirit needed me to do.
6. The elders had a baptism and asked me if I could help the girl. She was scared to death of water but wanted to be baptized. And I was able to comfort her and help her with the whole process. It was a really sweet experience.
7. The elders also asked me to sing at the baptism and I song "I like to look for rainbows..." (that song) in Portuguese! It was really special!
8. And the elders bought me a cake too!
9. My sister training leader and 1st comp (my mom) called me and sung happy birthday to be and I was able to talk with them for a little!
10. I am 20. I made it to 20. And now I don't want to get older! haha (:

Some fun things to know that happened this week:
1; I saw 3 dead people. You have to laugh about this but its really sad. Two because they had a viewing in the middle of the street. And the other was in the hospital. (my comp was sick friday)
2. I was buying grape juice the other day and  uva (is grape) and ovo (is egg) I asked the man for suco de ovo (egg juice) instead of suco do uva (grape juice),. I have never seen someone laugh so hard in my life. But because he laughed like he did he gave me any juice i wanted for free. I chose orange juice because it was easier to say! hahaa (: wow.

Melhor cada dia!! Love you and thank you for all the videos, letters, and emails for my birthday! You are all amazing!!! <3 

Te amo!
Sister Wheatley

Monday, October 19, 2015

Week 14 Joao's Baptism

Oi familia e amigos!!!

This week was crazy but ended amazing!!! 1st questions haha

Do you actually get up in the morning (there are those that question if that is possible)? hahaha yes I actually get up exactly at 6:30 and I can proudly say that. I get up at 6:30 immediately pray then pray with my comp. and then I get up an exercise for 30 min. Eat breakfast. Get ready then study. Every single morning. (; I can proudly say I am exactly obedient. (: 

2.  What part of Brazil is your companion from (you may have already told us? Oh haha I haven't really described my comp for you guys. She is 20. Is from Sao Paulo I don't remember the exact city but its an island in lower San Paulo; she is an only child and is really really funny,. She loves loves loves to talk; I think it is great!!!!! She laughs after every sentence unless she is serious about something so I always know when i need to pay attention! hahaha Everyone knows her because he boyfriend was the assistant to the president before I got her; It has really helped me get to know lots of missionaries!

3.  Are you ready for 16 months of 80 degree wheatley. I have no idea what you are asking hahaha!!! haha

4.  Describe your apartment. Well its normal; hahaha a lot like my apartment in college but there is no glass in the windows just bars and wood panels. the kitchen is smaller and the electronics are cheaper. haha we don't have a bathtub but the showers are nice. you can take a hot warm or cold shower. But you have to be careful because if you change it while the water is flowing you will get electrocuted. I am speaking from experience. haha we don't have couches but weirdly we have a ton of mattresses that  we lay out on the floor with. its really cozy and fun! haha We don't have a dryer but we have these cool little racks that our clothes dry out on. All the houses have a gate and then the door to your house and its the same with me!

Ok well this week: Joao Batisita (John the Baptist) was baptized!!!!!! 

And I just have to share the story of Joao!

It all started when we were walking down the street and we both had a clear impression to speak to this woman. But when we did she did NOT what to hear us. And we turned around to find Joao listening to us. And so we started to talk to him.

We found out Joao loved to drink. (We later found out he was the "town drunk.") Bur in that moment Joao wanted to change his life. He wasn't sad about drinking but he was sad that no one respected him and his whole family was always angry with him. And in that 1st encounter we taught him the word of wisdom and invited him to church.

That Sunday three days later he showed up to church. Which was amazing but he was drunk only a few hours before church. But he stayed the whole time... when church ended we walked him back home. And he would not stop saying "there is something different about that church." And we didn't see him again until wed. of that week.

And he had completely stopped drinking alcohol and cafe and he had quit smoking. All by himself. We taught him about prophets and the commandments. And everyday he changed. AND THE WHOLE TOWN HAS NOTICED. Everyone wants to learn about the church that changed Joao. We are teaching his family now. His mother. Aunts and Uncles. And Brothers and Sisters. 

He chose to change his life. He still says he loved drinking. But he has chosen to follow Christ in every way possible instead. AND he was baptized Sunday. (: He is a testimony to me. He has not a a drink of alcohol, smoked, or drank coffee since that 1st Sunday. And he has not once complained.

I am so happy for him. He is so different now. He is so happy and talks with everyone about the church. And he does not care what anyone says. He just wants to follow the Savior. And it makes me so happy that I got to be there to see it!

Well I have to go! I love you all! I love to read your emails. I may not respond individually but I do read all of them!!! I love you all so much! Te amo!!!! <3 

Remember repentance and the gospel is for EVERYONE. Not just people that look like members. Everyone needs the gospel. Everyone. 

Sister Wheatley

Monday, October 12, 2015

Week 13-Miracles

Oi familia!!!!
This week I only want to write about miracles. Because this week was full of miracles! (:
But first questions!!!!

Are church services similar to our church services? Yes they are exactly the same except they do it backwards. They always have RS 1st, then SS, then Sacrament! Oh and people here love to sing really really loud! hahaha No one in the ward plays the piano but the primary children are learning to play the children take turns during sacrament to play the hymns!!! Its really cool and boy to they have courage! Its not super good but its way better than I can!!! haha I have so much respect for these little 10 and 11 year olds playing up in front of everyone!

What are some the interesting customs you have noticed? well there are lots hahaha You could ask me this question every week and I could respond differently haha (:  They way they eat here is really interesting to me. Everyone eats with a fork and a steak knife. Doesn't matter what it is. Rice, pasta, steak. You eat all your food with both. At 1st it was really hard for me to copy it but now I can proudly say I am a pro! haha Its weird not to eat with a steak knife now! haha

Another interesting custom is parties. People LOVE parties here. It seems like there is a different holiday every other week! Where no one works and everyone is with friends and family! Its so much fun! haha Oh and if there is a soccer game... its automatically a holiday! haha (:

What is your favorite Portuguese phrase? My favorite phrase is: Melhor cada dia! I started using this phrase my 1st week here because everyone would ask me about me portguese and I always responded "melhor cada dia" or "better each day!" But after a while I began to see that this phrase is not only for my Portuguese but for  all aspects of my life. I want to be better each day, eu quero ser melhor cada dia!!! (: And I have this phrase posted on my wall right beside my desk as a constant reminder to be better everyday. 

Do you attend ward council? No. I want to but the Bishop has never invited us. I was actually planning on talking to him about it this week. It would help us a lot! But sister lavor and I are organizing a break the fast for Nov. and an (I don't remember in english) but an intergasao (that's not how you spell it in Portuguese either haha) Where we have plans to join the member, missionaries, and recent converts"! I am really excited!!! 

Ok Miracles or Milagres for this week:

1. My feet have completely healed!! I had huge marks and a few scars and I woke up one morning to find all of them gone!!! I was really worried about my feet and they are completely healed!!!!!! Thank you for all your prayers! They worked!

2. I am perfectly healthy. Haven't felt sick again! Oh and its official this week we calculated with a scale how much weight I have lost. I have lost around 17.35 lbs.!!!! I feel great! And everybody has noticed; I even have an investigator who every time he sees me tries to give me food because he things I am not eating enough! haah I promise I am eating a ton! haha (:

3. Conference- I was really concerned that I wouldn't be able to understand conference. And I had a lot of questions I had been praying about. And when conference started the computer malfunctioned and for the 1st session of conference, the whole thing had English subtitles; The men there tried everything to take it away but nothing worked. And every single question I had was answered in that 1st session. After the session was over the subtitles just went away. ahaha I am serious no one could explain it! But everything I needed to learn from conference I did! I really felt Gods love!

4. We started a new area this week that hasn't had missionaries for a very long time. And we found tons of new investigators ready!!!! And 3 families that are married!!! To find one family married is a miracle but 3 is unheard of in a week!!! We are so excited to teach these families this week!

5. This week we where waiting for an investigator and the sister of him started talking to me. Awful things. She said really awful things. My comp was talking with someone else and I was left alone to talk to this lady. haha I only caught parts. But then clearly she asked me who Jesus Christ was to me. And I responded to here in my very best Portuguese and the whole conversation changed. I taught her the 1st lesson on my own in the middle of the street in Portuguese! And afterwards she asked me if she could visit this church with me. I told her of course!!! I love the spirit!!!! I didn't speak perfect Portuguese but she understood it all! I taught a whole lesson in Portuguese with the spirit! And it was the greatest experience I have ever had on my mission so far! God blesses us when we need him the most and when we work hard and remember him!

I love all of you so much|!!! I have not been able to send out letters for a while because the postal service is on strike. hahaha But luckily we all receive our mail because the mail carrier is a member! haaha so the only people receiving mail in parabia this state are the missionaries! hahaa

Know I love all of you! Look for the miracles, they are everywhere! There is a God and he loves all of us! And he is always there. Love you than you for all the letters and love!"
Sister Wheatley

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Week 12

Oi familia! Sorry dont have much time today. Its really hard to write to my mission president because it needs to be in portguese! haha

What kind of currency do you use? Reais and this week the american dollar went up in value by a TON! 1 reais is equal to 4.20 dollars now it was only 3.03 before. People are freaking out. Everyone wants to talk to me about how I am so rich haha. Its really funny. But really serious here because all grain is imported from the states and corn. And prices are going up and people dont have a lot of money here to pay for it.

Are you used getting up early now? Yes. I have turned into mom. I wake up 6:20ish and my brain turns off around 10. haha its quite funny! And the Sisters in my apartment think it is the funniest thing!

What other cultural things are difficult to get used to? Time. People here dont really follow schedules. People are very free with time. Nothing starts on time. Everything last ten times longer than it should. haha There is no rush here for anything. Which can be good and bad. Its hard for missionaries because no one is in the house for appointments we really rely on the spirit to tell us when to visit people. But its good because I am slowly learning more and more pacience and how to not stress about little things. (patience with time not people ... the people are great!) haha All the Brasilarios always say acalma sister acalma! haha Its different but I am used to it now! Its hard to leave appointments too because boy do people in brazil love to talk!!!! I love it but its really hard to leave sometimes haha!!! (: 

How often do you see your mission President? Basically never. I have seen him 4 times in my mission and only said hello and goodbye. And talked to him once for an interview. (but that interview only lasted maybe 10 min. max) He is amazing but I dont really know him(: I have a lot of contact with his wife because she always calls and is awesome! *only through the phone

This week was hard but I felt God on my side all week long. 
Mom- dont freak out because I am fine! and happy! and healthy now! But this week I was in the hospital for 2 days. haha SURPRIZE(: hahaha

Its a really funny story. And I dont have much time. SO I will do it in bullet points..

1. I have been having really bad stomache aches and I told my comp. Only because I wasnt sleeping good!
2. She called sis. N and sis. N told me to go see a doctor. And I was fine with that because it hurt a lot and I wanted to get better.
3. Well in this mission going to the doctor means going to the emergency care and the hospital where I understand NOTHING haha and my comp kept leaving me! haha
4. We waited for about 1.5 then finally they took me to this room where this woman started asking me questions and I had no idea what she was saying. My comp helped after I answered no to a question that definatly should have been a yes. hahaha 
5. Next thing I knew I was in a room, that looked like a surgery waiting room. And they started putting IVs in my. I still have no idea what they put in me. But they pumped me full of water hahaha. I have never prayed so hard for the whole thing to end. I was on that IV for about 3.5 hours. And then they drew my blood. But it is really hard for them to find a vein so that hurt. haha
6. Next thing I know my comp asks me if i need to use the bathroom and i did really bad because they pumped me with water. haha and ill i understood was that they were going to take me to a bathroom. (well that was not correct.) anyways I was SUPER SUPER weak and so the doctor went to get me a chair with wheel dont remember the word in english haha .
7. But my comp told her i could walk. haha so we walked and she walked so fast i got really naused and throw up. haha so they took me to a bathroom so I thought i could use the bathroom.
8. Well ends up that I needed that water in my bladder for a test. So they had me drink 10 cups of water. I thought I was going to die hahaha
9. After wards (by the way I understand nothing at this point by brain is fried and I am really sick) And next thing I know I am in a huge machine that is scanning my body. hahaha
10. Then they tell us its too late to gets results and we need to return. Oh by the way this hospital is about 45 min away on the scary bus! haha
11. I was so scared and so done with it all and really weak. And my comp didnt get it (i know she only wanted to help) haha. I prayed so hard that someone would help us. And when we got off the bus. We ran into a member. And everything went away I felt peace and so much better. I went home and slept until the next day when we visited the hospital again.
12. This time was better we talked with a doctor and I still didnt understand anything. But my comp was awesome and helped a lot this time.
13. And afterwards I found out I was fine. I just eat something that didnt sit well with me. And I know have HUGE photos of the inside of my body that are actually really really cool! HAHA
14. I also learned that I actually have 2 spleens the doctors showed me. haha I have a normal spleen and a little spleen underneath it. haha They told my comp and she told me that its totally fine just rare haha. I had to tell Sis. N i was normal.
15. But after it all I was so stressed and really homesick. But I didnt say anything. I just followed my comp. and Boy did the Lord bless me. My comp took me to Subway. Yes they have it here. And we walked in and I felt at home and happy and their was english music and american food and I remembered that I was ok. And that I would be just fine. I EAT MY FAVORITE SUB! and was reallly really happy!
16. I know God will never leave me. Even when I felt alone I still felt his presence. I feel so blessed to have him on my side!!! 
17. All is good now!!! I feel great and I am working hard. And Portuguese is coming so much faster with all Brasiliarios! I love every sec.

We have so many invesigators who love the gospel. And I love teaching them. I am happy healthy and really blessed. I love you all so much!!! Thank you all for your letter, prayers, and emails!!! Remember you are never alone even if you think you are... you are never never never alone!!!!

<3 Ate! Amo voces!!!

Sister Wheatley

Monday, September 28, 2015

Week 11-New Companion Sister Lavour

Oi minha famila! 

DONT HAVE MUCH TIME(: But thank you for all your letters and emails!!!

Curious questions...

1.  Do you cook for yourselves? We dont eat dinner because lunch is so big and we only dont have lunch once or twice a week and those days people give us food. So if I am hungry yes I cook for myself but we really dont need to. I think i have cooked 3 or 4 meals(:
2.  Do your own laundry? Yes! (: 
3.  Do you have running water (I researched news on Joao Pessoa and it looked like Centro was having some water outages of some kind)? Yes and we have hot and cold water! We do not drink that water though. We buy other water (aqua mineral)
4.  What foods are you eating (you noted some while in the CTM), but have not commented of food in the field. hahaha well I dont really know what things are called yet but A LOT OF RICE BEANS AND MEAT! hahaha and a TON of soda...... hahaha
5.  What interesting things have you done on PDays? Presidient really doesnt want us doing much on pdays. Our area doesnt have anything really good to do anyways! We are not allowed to leave our area to do things. haha We do a lot of crafts!!!!!!! (: haha last pday we went to a members house and they taught us how to make tampico. (and no its not pudding) haha Its this stuff we dont have in the US with cheese, cocnut, and meat. Its AMAZING! and really easy to make|! And the other week was independe day so we went to the other wards social... but we arent allowed to play sports or games. So we just eat and talked to people haha (:
6.  Do you see other companionships much? Yes! We meet up with sisters once a week for training (12 sisters in my district) we have to travel about a hour to meet them everyweek we take the bus, train, and cars! (taxi). We see the elders every sunday because their ward is after ours.

SO this week was transfers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got a new COMPERHEIRA!!! Her name is Sister Lavour. She is a Brazialian from Sao Paulo! All the americas I know left my area. For the next transfer I am the only english speaking person in my whole zone. I am a little nervous. A bunch of people left this transfer. There are only 30 sisters here now and 5 are american! Sister Bunch got sent to reopen an area for sisters NEAR Valentina! 

I am a little nervous, but excited because I am really going to learn portguese!!  Its going to be hard for the next few weeks but luckily I have God on myside!!!!!!!!!!  Sister Lavour is AMAZING! and so so sweet!

Well I have to go! Love all of you! Next week Ill send more pictures! 
Sister Wheatley

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Week 10-1st Brazilian Parade

Oi minha familia e amigos!
Amo voces muito!!!

This week was long but good! hahaha This week as part of the mission training I was senior and my trainer went on divsao, in other areas and I was left in my area by myself with a Brazilian comp twice! .... I was scared out of my mind!!!! haha Thank goodness I had Heavenly Father on myside! 

With him, I didnt get lost once and I was able to teach full lessons in portuguese. Not perfect portguese but they understood and felt the spirit and that is all that matters!!!!!! I feel so blessed this week! AND I ALSO SPOKE PORTGUESe ALL DAY AND HAD CONVERSATIONS WITH PEOPLE AND MADE FRIENDS AND I SPOKE PORTUGUESe!!!!!! Everyone was telling me I spoke so much better by the end of the week!!! God blesses us when we do our best and have faith in him!!!!
I have developed an accent! haha People dont think I am american anymore they think im italian! haha (: Its great!
I got to see my 1st Brazilian Parade!!!! This week was independence week!!!! And Brazilians LOVE to party! haha I love it!!! I got to watch the parade ... the parade itself was 3.5 hours long and it was only school bands, groups with signs, and dancers. There were no blimps and only a few cars where used! It was really fun! But I got REALLY sunburnt! hahahaha worth it! (:
So my siblings had some questions I want to answer!
I heard that you have lots of cats and I was excited to hear that.  Now I want to go to Brazil. ---> Katie its springtime soooooo all the cats have had there kittens and they are running around everywhere! So so so cute!

I hope your feet feel better.  Have you come up with a nick-name yet? YES!!! Its in portguese! I am sending it in a letter to you but as for now your nickname is Zman! 

How is the weather in Joao Pessoa?  Does it feel nice or is it hot? The weather. haha well take the hottest day in NC and its that everyday! hahaha But I have gotten accustomed to it! It slowly gets hotter everyday and I am a little worried! hehe (: There is a lot of wind and a little rain here too so that really helps!!!!

I wore my boots and jeans on the beach today.  Someone even complimented me on the boots.  :-).  ahhahaha Well Bebop its burning hot here and people where jeans and boots! And the people in the parade even had on fulll outfits!!!!!!!
SO here are some cool facts about my mission!

there are only 174 missionaries in my mission. Around 40 are americans. There are only 5 american sister missionaries! haha And two leave very soon and they think not many more are going to come! Lots of Brasilinas and Hispanics! hahaha Its awesome! I love them all! <3

We teach 20- 30 lessons a week with investigators, 20-25 with less actives! There are a LOT of less actives in my area! And we have had 3 reactivations since I got here! I love them!!!

Please send me questions I love to respond to questions!
Awesome experience this week: We are having trouble with an area that is really far from the church because we have a lot of inactives and investigators living there but its a lot of money to take the bus and they dont have cars! We walk to pick them up but a lot dont want to walk 30 minutes or more to church and back!

We had been praying and an idea came up. The bishop has a 15 passenger van and we thought that maybe he could pick them up. When we had our meeting with the bishop we were so scared but we asked him. ANd he didnt even have to think about it... he just said I can do that and began setting up a plan with us! It was such a blessing and a help! We had a ton of investigators have the oppurnity to go to church because of our bishops amazing sacrfice! It mean the world to me and I know it will help so many investigators and members in that area! 

Well I have to go thank you all for your letters and for your emails! I love reading them!!!  They make me happy! hehe (:

Remember if you do your best God does the rest! Its not easy but worth it! I love my mission! I love everyday!

Oh some cool things: Eric in portguese is Icaro!!! I found that out and thought it was cool! haha 

Ate!!!!! AMo voces!!!
Sister Wheatley

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Week 9 -First Baptism

Oi minha familia e amigos!!!
Amo voces!!

This week was really hard but ended with my 1st baptism!!!!!!!! I am so excited for her! She has such a strong testimony and she will do amazing things!!

Grandma had some questions:
So do you carry cell phones? Yes but we only use them to contact president and other missionaries. We have to be careful not to use them a lot because we are more likely to get robbed if we have them out.
What is your apartment like? complex or individual house? Its an apartment with 2 bedroms a kithen and a main room! Ill send pictures! We have cold and hot water that we use to take baths wash dishes and clothes, etc but we cant drink it. we have speacil mineral water we drink from.

is your water through using the church's filtering 3-step system? I am not sure. We have speacil drinking fountains at the church.

Ok because I dont have much time to write I have dedcided to get more organized with my letters!

Story- This week I had my first baptism. It was amazing! I had the oppurinty to sing at it with sister bunch and the spirit was so strong. I COULD FEEL THE SAVIORS LOVE FOR HER AS I SANG\! We actually got invited to sing at another baptism on Sunday and we did. It was amazing. I was struggling a little this week because I want to help people and its hard to without the language. But the Lord blessed me with two oppurinties to bring the spirit and it really helped and blessed me this week!

Update- In this mission u either lose a ton of weight or gain it. Luckily I am losing wieght like CRAZY! haha Some of my skirts are starting to be to big. I have to use a belt! haha! Its great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Coisa Legal (cool thing) - I went to my first Brazilan Birthday Party!!! The CAKE WAS HUGE!!! The gave out these little stingy things with candy and it was so much fun|! The children flocked around me speaking really fast, they all wanted to learn about the american missionary and disney world?! haha

Ingressada (funny)- So there is a member who comes with us a lot!(he is amazing! A new convert of 5 months and is preparing to serve a misson. I am helping him learn english and he is helping me learn portuguese. But for some reason he is the only person I accidently insult in portuguese. For example, there is a hand gesture that we use in the usa that is really really bad in brazilian and I made it at him and he freaked out. haha he's really nice about it and helped me not do it again! hahaha Also I called him a monkey because he was bouncing all over the place and ends up when use call someone a monkey its really really bad! Poor kid! He has been helping me a lot!! I apologized so much!" (he comes with us and a another girl (its not just him and us), just wanted to clarify)
Thanks to all of you for your wonderful letters and emails!!!!!!! Eu amo vocªs muito e eu sei que a igreja de jesus cristo dos santos dos ultimos dias ¨ a igreja de jesus cristo!

Sister Wheatley

Monday, August 31, 2015

Ashley Week 8 -Pictures! Look at the bottom to see!

Oi minha familia e amigos,

Yes I can receive pictures through email! Mom I need family pictures! hehe (:

Lots of stuff to say and not enough time hehe

1. My feet are healing. I am walking perfectly fine now!!!! (: Im going to have super strong knees and feet after my mission!

2. Really cool story for you this week: The very first family I taught a lesson to (part of a lesson) too is F and L. They are the cutest, sweetest couple. They have a sweet baby and I love them so much. They are ready for baptism but we have to wait until they get married. It is very expensive here to get married so a lot of people dont or dont have the money. But the other day L told us a story; she told us she had been praying for a way for her and her husband to get married. But F had never believed in religion and they didnt have the money. Well when the sisters 1 contacted her; she believed that they were not coming back. And when the sisters did they invited them to church. Well when sunday came F suddenly had a real desire to go to our church. Then we taught her about the law of chastity. And she knew the gospel was true. And after that they read the Book of Mormon everyday, pray together,  and they both know this gospel is true. They come to church and they follow the word of wisdom to a T. ANd you would not believe how fast they understand the gospel. It is amazing. I can feel how special they are! I feel so humbled to know them. Everytime I see there little baby I feel happy and I know that baby will be raised in a beautiful good gospel centered home. And the lord has given me the oppurnity to be apart of that! 

3.  We TEACH SO MANY PEOPLE: We go go go go! But its hard because our area is really far from the church so in the end we cant get many people to come on sundays!!! When they do though its a good sign that they understand the importance of church!

4. I lied in my last letter im not in joao pessoa in a suburb of Joao Pessoa. But the ward was right hehe (: 

5. My address is:

Sister Ashley WHeatley
Brazil Joao Pessoa Mission
Rua Deputado Jose Mariz, 515
58042-020 Joao Pessoa-PB

6. Ok some cultural updates:
Britt- There are wild horses everywhere!!!! And pigs!!! They are huge!!! And made really wierd noises!
Emily- People love to sing disney songs here!!! In english and in portuguese; I can not tell you how many times I have heard let it go! hahaha people LOVE music here. There is rarely a time that music isnt playing somewhere!!!
Jacob and Z-man- Everybody rides really cool motorcyles here. The teenagers do really cool tricks all throughout the streets. They ride for long streches on one wheel then spin. Its scares me but its really really cool!!!
Katie- There are cats everywhere!!!!!! EVERYWHERE! They love to cuddle up to people to. If I sit anywhere they come and sit beside me. The kittens are the cutest!

The language is coming. I understand more and more everyday!!!! Oh fun fact- little children love us. There is a group of little kids that will follow us singing and playing games with eachother as we walk! One time another little girl joined them- and asked me Are you chinese? And I told her no I am from America. Then she asked, "well do you speak chinese?" i could not stop laughing. And when I told her i spoke inglish she could not stop laughing! it made my week!

I LOVE the members here. Girls will take off an entire day to come with us. They will come teach with us from 2pm to 9pm. They are so helpful especially because I cant help in the lessons to much yet! There is about 6 girls who come with us regularly! They are amazing!!!! 

Well I have to go! Love you all so much! Eu amo voces muito!!!!

Sister Wheatley

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Seventh Week-1st Area Bayeux Centro .........Companion Sister Bunch

oi familia e amigos! Eu amo voces!!!

So its official I am in the field finally!!!! haha My new p-day is Monday. I have made it!!!!!!!! And I love it!!!!!!! Its been hard but I've never been happier. I feel so blessed!!! 

Before I begin- my mission has alot of unquie rules about email that I need to convey to all of you! 
1. I only have 30 min to email
2. I am only allowed to email family or female friends. 
3. I can recieve emails from anyone and everyone but I will have to handwrite you back. (so if you email me please put your address in your email) (:
4. And know I love and appriecate all your emails. Oh others can recieve my mass email I just cant write back personal emails!

Ok well (mom) I bet you want to hear about my area, comp, etc.
1. My comp/trainor is Sister Bunch from Colorado! I got an american! haha She is amazing! She has been serving for 11 months, is completely fluent, beautiful inside and out, and only speaks portugues to me. (:
2. I am serving in the BAYEUX CENTRO 1 Ward in Joao Pessoa. The area is very impoverished and kinda dangerous! But mom I could not feel more safe and protected! We don't bring bags with us because a lot of people get robbed here. I take every precaution. I only carry a see-through binder with pamphets, a book of mormon, and the bible, and my planer! 
3. My area is pretty big!!!! And really far from where we live and the chruch. It takes us 30 min or more to walk there everyday. I walk EVERYWHERE!!! haha We walk from 11am to 9:30pm and sometimes later depending on who we where teaching. My feet are cracking and sting but they are getting better! For the 1st few days my feet would hurt so bad I could feel my heartbeat with every step. But I am proud to say I have no complained just prayed really really hard! haha
And every time I thought I could not walk anymore God has helped me. On the third day my feet where bleeding and hurt so bad but I didn't want to stop. SO I prayed that we would be able to find someone to hear our message and let us come in there home. Two minutes or so later both me and my comp got really thirsty and started asking for water. This young man, Augusto, brought us water and then invited us into his home. We where able to teach his the first lesson and he came to church with us on Sunday. After our lesson, the pain in my feet completely went away. We taught him for almost and hour and a half. I know God takes care of his servants! Another time- my feet hurt so bad I thought I couldn't make it home so I prayed and a member drove by with his wife and stopped. Asked us if we wanted a ride he drove us back home. This is really rare because very few members have cars.

Well its been kinda hard. But I LOVE IT. I know its where God needs me and I trust him 100% I didn't understand anything for about 5 days; haha But I am know starting to pick up the accent and I understand gospel things and when they tell me I am really cute, a barbie, don't know the language, and when they tell me I did a good job! haha (: I dont understand any of the small talk. But its getting better. My trainer's fabulous! hehe ... I dont speak well at all but every time I have needed to say something, I have felt Heavenly Father there. Dad- You will be proud and surprised to know I can keep completely silent for more than 3 hours at a time. its amazing hehe (:

We teach sooooooooooooooo much!!!! I wish I could show you my planer!!!! We teach and talk to people from 1 to 930 everyday! We have tons of people on track for baptism. The process is crazy fast here.

I think I was born in the wrong country! haha The culture here is totally me! I love it here!!!

A. The people love to talk and love to meet new people. People are so open and love everyone!
B.People have so much respect for others. Even if they disagree with us they are still pretty polite about it. And for example a guy was smoking and blew out smoke as we where walking by and he began apolozing and pushing away the smoke... just so we wont walk through it.
C. I LOVE the food!! I have yet to eat something I don't like! Dad they eat tomatoes with every meal"! hahaha (~: The members feed us so much (they feed us lunch here). We typically only eat breakfast and lunch because lunch is so filling you are not hungry at the end of the day!
D. People love God here.
E. Everyone loves music!!!!!!! Music is constantly playing throughout the streets and in peoples homes. 

Oh I love it so much! I love being here. I wish I knew the language. And I wish I could teach. But I know with God I will get there!!!

Well times about up! I love you so much!
Te amo!

Sister Wheatley