Ashley's Mission

Ashley's Mission

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Week 17-Transferred -opening it for sisters-Santa Rita-new pictures

Oi familia e amigos!!!!!!!
haha welllllll I wasn´t online yesterday because a LOT of things happened!
1. Sunday night at 9pm we received a phone call saying that we were having a emergency transfer and we were to report to our new area 8am Monday!!!! haha
2. They closed my area for sisters. and we are opening an area for sisters!!!! 
3. REASSIGNED TO SANTA RITA!!! (: You say Rita in portgues like (heata) 
4. We had 30 min to talk to the members in our area before we had to be in our home.
5. Then we had to back and clean the entire house for the elders to live. We were up to 2:30am cleaning.
6.Then we woke up at 6 to go talk to a few of our investigators and recent converts. That was really hard especially because many people were angry that sisters were leaving and we were leaving....
7. We crammed 6 HUGE suitcases sister lavor and me into a tiny tiny car. I sat in the space that could barely fit Jacob! haha My legs were dying!!!
8. When we arrived: the elders showed us to are new home. 
IT  WAS HORRIFIC!!!! I am not one to think things are horribly dirty, but I dont not understand how the elders even lived there. I refused to bring my things into the house until it was cleaned. It is very small and smelled and looked like death!!! Spiders where part of the family!!! hahaha 
9. All the elders said was sorry and laughed. I seriously cant look at them the same anymore! 
10. I said nothing. I thought the other sisters where going to kill someone!!! haha They wouldnt stop saying "I will never marry." I have to be honest - it crossed my mind too.
11. We cleaned the apartment from 9am to 3pm. NONSTOP. And then we started to unpack and relax. We all fell asleep.
12. We were not able to email because 1 it was a holiday and everything was closed and 2 we have FHE with the ward when we all woke up! 
14. The area is difficult but I am excited haha(: We know nothing. haha we have a really scary map and the elders did not write anything in the area book. We dont have names or addresses. Just an awesome 1st councilor in the bishopric who has been a miracle!!!
15. My area is on the top a mountain. haha not really just a massive hill!!!! We live a 45 min walk from where my area begins. And thats if we walk fast! haha .... My area starts with the biggest hill I have ever seen. You can not see the top from the bottom and its almost straight up! hahaha The hill goes on for about 15 minutes in a car. haha
16. The area is beautiful! And there are so many resturantes, fairs, and stores. 
17. Pray for us the next few weeks. To help us settle in and learn the area. 
Thankfully I know this is where God needs me!! I love it here. The people (members) are so welcoming and REALLY excited to have sisters. I will miss the people of Bayeux! They are amazing too!
Well I love you all gotta run!!! <3 
Te amo!!!!


Sister Wheatley

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