Ashley's Mission

Ashley's Mission

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Week 20 Shrek and the Donkey ??



We notice a lot of graffiti on the buildings.  Do you have lots of gangs in Brazil?
Hahaha yes there are a ton of gangs. Lots of gangs but the graffiti is not usually them. A lot of homes decorate their homes with graffiti type things and so do stores and restaurants! Where I am has a lot of gang related violence. But I feel completely safe. They don't mess with us!!! (: I know the good and bad areas and we are exactly obedient to the rules and to the spirit. We actually don't work at night in this area we work during the day and morning(:

We are curious to see what road you take to get to the hill that you climb.
Next week I will send you a list of cool streets to check out! One really big hill is Rua Professora Seevero Rodriques, Santa Rita.

Do you get out any more on P-days than you did in the last area?
Yes and no, haha this area has a lot more shopping but not more things to do! haha we have plans to do a spa day(: haha President said we could! hehe only thing we are not allowed to paint are nails any color other than clear or white. haha so only a massage(: We have SUBWAY AND MISTER MIX (an amazing milkshake place) HERE. In my mission we are not really allowed to do a lot of things, but we make the best of what we can do. We do a lot of crafts and music (efy of course) (:
How do you wash your clothes? Are there laundry mats?
I have actually never seen a laundry mat here... we have a washer. but we hang dry all of our clothes; funny thing you ask that this week because our laundry washer broke and we now hand wash our clothes (for the next few weeks) until we can get another one sent to us(:

I see your clothes hanging near your bed.  I guess this is how you dry them?
Yup! And because our apartment is really small we don't really have room to dry them! haha

This week was hard but there are always miracles and funny things to share.
1. Here in Brazil they make this noise (psh) to call attention the people or children. Its really cool! (used the same way we whistle) But it is a little tricky to make, and I was practicing as we were walking because (I thought there wasn't anyone in the street) well there we two boys about my age and I made the sound really loud. And they thought I was calling them. (the same way guys whistle at girls there) It was so funny!!! I couldn't stop laughing- my comp explained to them I didn't see them. And me we talked to them about the church. haha
2. SO my comp and I have been together almost 10 weeks! And the other week we were walking and she stopped and said "you are strange." I didn't know how to respond so I laughed and said thank you. Then she continued... "you never talk in our house, you don't talk a ton in big groups, you don't talk a ton during our meals, you don't talk a ton in church." then she stopped and asked me if I knew the movie Shrek. And I said of course. And she asked me if I remember Donkey. And I ask of course then she said, " but boy when we are walking you are an exact copy of donkey in shrek. You sing and talk a ton." I could not stop laughing!!! Then we started to really think about it and I am totally donkey- I talk and sing a ton, I am usually really positive, and super goofy. haha And she is totally Shrek. Now it is our joke. I love her a ton but its true we are different. But we have learned how to work and love each other! That is a miracle of the mission!
3.I do not have photos of my family and I was really sad about that the other week and I was looking in the ensign for a photo for my planer and I found the photo of KAYLENE ABIGAL AND MARDELL! haha I had no idea it was in the exact copy.. and it was in Portuguese(: hehe I show everyone my cousins! Its so much fun! (was another miracle)
4. Funny thing here people call afros- black power! its hilarious!
5. Cool fact- the yws have their own hymn book here!!! its really cool!
Well don't have much time! Thank you all for the recipes and letters! I love you so much!!!

Sister Wheatley

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  1. Dear Sister Wheatley,
    It's so fun to read about your mission experiences! What do you and your companion do for service hours. When Jacob was in Brazil on his mission he did service in a mortuary. Of course, he climbed into. a casket for a photo op-! Mike and I pray for you daily by name. Hugs and misses sweet sister!...Dru Guffey. :-)