Ashley's Mission

Ashley's Mission

Monday, December 7, 2015

Week 21-Week of Miracles and Baptism

This week was a week of miracles!!!!!!!!!! AGAIN! haha I love weeks like this!

My comp and I decided to do things a little different then we usually do and we decided to really let the spirit guide us this week. And miracles happened!!!

1. WE HAD A BAPTISM!!!! His name is Alexandre. And his story is incredible. Exactly one year ago the sisters found him and taught him all the lessons but he wasnt prepared to be baptized. So he stopped seeing them. Then after 1 year lots of things changed and the elders knocked on his door. Then we arrived! (the elders hadnt taught him a lesson yet) And we began to teach him again. I LOVE THIS GUY! He has become a very good friend. He is so funny!!! We run into him all the time. It has been a blessing to watch him change and gain a testimony. But believe me when I say Satan did not want him to be baptized. Lots of things happened while we where teaching him but something unquie about him and his story he chose to pray and read his scriptures every single day. And because of that he was streghtened in ALL of the trials that attacked him. He actually had to chose to be baptized over the people he loved. And the miracle of the story- one he chose right and two because he chose right the ones he loved actually had very profound spirtual experiences and are now active members and new investigators. OH .. He has the cutest little daughter she is only about a year old. AND she is darling!!!!!!! ( I will send pictures next week) (:

2. We have been working with a less active family for a month now. The father is a less active and the mother is not a member but the son is extremly active! This family has literally become my family here. I call her mom! She feeds us all the time!!! haha But this week, THE FATHER CAME TO CHURCH and the mother WANTS TO KNOW IF THE CHURCH IS TRUE!!! We have started to teach her!!! I am sooooo soooooo happy!!!!!!!!! 

3. We actually had 6 new investigators come to church (from different families) and 2 people reactivated!!!!!! 

4. I continue to lose a ton of wieght! haha I love it!!! I feel great!!!!!!!!! Only problem is that none of my clothes fit. haha sorry mom. hehe  SO a member of the ward is helping me take in some of my shirts and skirts! SHE IS AMAZING! < 

5. Last week are meals fell through every single day because of different things. And that was hard not to have real food, but this week the members went out of there way to feed us. We had two days when our meals fell through and other members actually took us to restaurants! 

There are more but I dont have time to write. haha I love you all so much!!!!!! Keep smiling and remember when you are obedient the Lord does NOT hold back blessings!!!!!!!  :) Follow him 1st!


Sister Wheatley

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