Ashley's Mission

Ashley's Mission

Monday, December 21, 2015

Week 23-Transfer to Branch Guarabira new companion Sister Ferreira

Oi familia e amigas!!!!!!!!!

AMO VOCES!!!!!!!!!!! 

We had transfers today!!!!!!!!!! I am now in the Branch Guarabira!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is really really really far away from everything hehe.

I took a 2hr charter bus to get here! Was crazy!!!!!!! Its on the top of a mountain reminds me a lot of Idaho! haha Because its so far and in a district not a stake- we dont have contact with anyone and the missionaries that get sent here stay for a long time! haha My new district is only 4 sisters and we live in the same house. haha My sister Leader is Sister Jacobson! She is awesome! And from Texas(: 

 I came with Sister Lins again! haha SIster Lins has always lived with me. We where in Bayeux and Santa RIta together and now we are here together! I love her!!!!!!!!!  We are very close and she is adorable. We have never been comps but always lived in the same house and same area! We actually will leave the mission the same time too haha! She is from Salvador, Brazil! LOVE HER So happy she is with me!!! 

My new Comp! Is Sister B. Ferreira (: She is soooo cute and sweet! I already love her!!!!!! She is so ready to work and is adorable!!! I will send pictures! She is from Sao Paulo, Brazil!!! (really close to the MTC there) (:

The Branch is only about 8 years old and about 5 years ago got a building! According to the sisteres here, the missionaries do a lot in the ward. I am so excited!!!!!!!!! 

I will miss Santa Rita! I loved it there but I am excited to start my new adventure here!!! (:

This week we will have conferencia de Natal!!!!!!!!! I am so excited! Its in Joao Pessoa about 3 hrs away now but its with all of the elders and sisters! There will be a talent show, food, a movie, activites, and more food!!!!!!! YES! haha (: 

Well I have to go!!! I love you all sooo sooo  sooo much!!!!!!! HUGS
Ate Mais! 

Sister Wheatley

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