Ashley's Mission

Ashley's Mission

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Week 70-Still sick! Zone Conference and Birthday!

Oi Familia!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I am so sorry to be quick again! I am crazy as normal! hahaha

This week was a different kind of week!!!! I am doing better. I will be going to a new doctor on Thursday- pray that will will figure out what is going on!!! haha It will all work out! 

This week we had a  ZONE CONFERENCE! And my birthday! I was amazing! The elders in my zone created the biggest happy birthday dance-song -cheer I have ever seen! In front of the whole mission! hahahaha They are crazy! haha I turned hundred shades of red but it was super fun!!!! President also gave me a present. It was super sweet!!!! And I got to see all of my friends! It was truly a special birthday! Oh and I can not forget that my amazing comp and roommates took me out to sushi!!!! It was SUPER SUPER YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha

This week FABIO got the priesthood and pasted the sacrament!!!!!!!!! It was super special for me!!!! Josineide and Fabio are going strong and truly a special family!!!!

Remember that God helps all those who keep his commandments. I love serving a mission!!!!!!!! I see Gods hand in everything- everyday!!!!!!!

Thank you for all your prayers, love, and support!!!!!!!!! Love you all!!!!!!!!!!

Sister Wheatley

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Week 69-In the Hospital! Mommy not talking about it!

OI FAMILIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! E AMIGOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well they say you have good weeks and bad ones. This one was a mixture of it all! haha

I was sick all week long. I went to the hospital Thursday. My ear, neck, and nose are inflamed. I have been taking medicine that has been making me sick. SO I barely had a chance to work at all this week. I will be going to a specialist this week because the pain has gone away but the inflammation has stayed! haha my luck!

I am completely fine. Just a little drugged and sick! But everything will get better this week!!!!!!!!!!! The elders called to make fun of me. I am the oldest missionary (time wise) in our zone. They are calling me grandma and making fun that I am getting old and sick. haha

We had interviews with PRESIDENTE XAVIER DIAS! He is amazing! I felt so bad. I came into his office sick and he felt so bad! But it was such a spiritual experience for me. He really is a man inspired and called of God!!!
Well I have to go! I love you all!!!!!!!! Keep up the hard work! I love you! Thank you for all the birthday wishes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

TOMORROW! We will have the Mission Conference on my birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best present ever!!!!

Love Sister Wheatley 

Week 68-Training, Training, Training !


Wow. What a week. What a week.
We had a lot to do and little to no time to do it. hahaha We are working hard and traveling a ton!!!!

We have 5 new missionaries in our zone. Almost everybody is training and new missionaries means a lot of work haha. (not because they are bad) Its a lot more teaching that has to happen.  And we travel, trade, and train all together!!! I love it but Sunday comes and I am dead! hahaa
I am starting to feel old! haha
I am the oldest missionary (time wise) in my zone. Its weird. Almost everyone I know is at home or going home. It is a weird feeling. Also everybody looks to you for advice and I still feel like I need it somedays hahaha But its all really really good. 

I have decided that I need to work more with my brain than my feet because I am really tired every single night! hahaha An elder called me the other night to discuss a problem and I couldn't focus on anything that he said haha. I called him back the next day. All was better. haha

I am learning all about beauty with my new comp. I am doing my nails and learning different ways to do my hair and makeup LOVE IT!!! haha I feel pretty hahah (; SISTER TOTA Is extremely funny! We laugh like crazy together!!!

We have started working a richer part of the area. Which is hard to find people. But it hasn't had missionaries yet- so we will be knocking on a ton of doors this week!!!!!!

We have a family that is extremely special to me. We are trying to help them get married so they can be baptized!!!!!!! Eduarda e Adriano and their two kids Everton e Arto!!! Keep them in your prayers!!! Amazing beautiful family!!!

I love you all so much! Thank you for your letters, love and support!!!!!!!!!!! 

Hey I want pictures too (; 

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Week 67-Talks in her sleep in Portuguese! Hee Hee


God loves you!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

This week was a hard one for me. I sent my best friend home from the mission. Gained a new comp (WHO IS AMAZING) but transfers are always tiring. We had 7 sisters living in our house because we have the mission council this week. We had two mattresses for 5 sisters for three days. That was a long night!!! and I got sick. 

But .... I have some funny stories and some great experiences!!!!!!! One I talk in my sleep and I started thanking the elders for their help and all the sisters now are giving me a hard time about it. Its official I dream in Portuguese!  haha 

Mission Conference was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love my leaders so much!
This month will have interviews, conferencia da missao!!!, e MIRACLES! I am excited! oh and MY BIRTHDAY!!! Bishop is really really excited I am going to eat at his house for my birthday!!! I am excited tooo!!!

This week we celebrated my 15 months, Totas 14 months, and Almeidas 2 months and SUBWAY and ice cream was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

General Conference was amazing like always. I love hearing the words of those great men. They truly strengthen me and help me. I received answers to all of my questions and I know that God truly does love his children. The one thing I really learned about was how worried the apostles are about the little things. Pray and keeping the commandments. We need to always be doing the little things or slowing we will fall off the cliff before we realized that we were on it. 

I love you all so much!! Remember keep fighting the good fight. The enemy has already lost don't let him win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love Sister Wheatley 

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Week 66-New companion Sister Tota still in Tambau still training

hey FAMILIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SO SORRY I  HAVENT SENT PICS!!!!!! These computers are really sketchy!!!! and I am scared to hook up my camera too them next week I promise I will send tons!!!

This week all I can say is that God is a God of Miracles!!!

WE HAD A BAPTISM OF A FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Josineide e Fabio! They were married and baptized this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have never seen the hand of God working in the way I did this week. I had one of the most sacred experiences of my life this week. I will treasure it forever.

The Story of Josineide and Fabio is a long one but its one of a family who found the truth and did everything to follow their Savior. They sacrificed everything and put all their trust in God. 

I know God lives and loves us. He has never and will never abandon is children. I have never felt so alone and so close to my Savior in the same week. He is always there.

SIster Chuc went home this week. She fInished her mission with honor and power!!!

I got my new COMPANHEIRA SISTER TOTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM STAYING WITH HER IN TAMBAU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!We will be the new sister leaders for 4 new sisters (coming in tomorrow from the MTC) and their trainers and a few other companionships.  I am so excited!!!

*so A SIDE NOTE! Presidente opened gave permission- if we hit our meta our goal he will take our zone to PAINT BALL!!!!!!!!! haha I am so excited!!!!!!!!!! We are going to do it!!!!

I love you all!!! God lives and loves his children!!!

Love Sister Wheatley