Ashley's Mission

Ashley's Mission

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Week 67-Talks in her sleep in Portuguese! Hee Hee


God loves you!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

This week was a hard one for me. I sent my best friend home from the mission. Gained a new comp (WHO IS AMAZING) but transfers are always tiring. We had 7 sisters living in our house because we have the mission council this week. We had two mattresses for 5 sisters for three days. That was a long night!!! and I got sick. 

But .... I have some funny stories and some great experiences!!!!!!! One I talk in my sleep and I started thanking the elders for their help and all the sisters now are giving me a hard time about it. Its official I dream in Portuguese!  haha 

Mission Conference was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love my leaders so much!
This month will have interviews, conferencia da missao!!!, e MIRACLES! I am excited! oh and MY BIRTHDAY!!! Bishop is really really excited I am going to eat at his house for my birthday!!! I am excited tooo!!!

This week we celebrated my 15 months, Totas 14 months, and Almeidas 2 months and SUBWAY and ice cream was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

General Conference was amazing like always. I love hearing the words of those great men. They truly strengthen me and help me. I received answers to all of my questions and I know that God truly does love his children. The one thing I really learned about was how worried the apostles are about the little things. Pray and keeping the commandments. We need to always be doing the little things or slowing we will fall off the cliff before we realized that we were on it. 

I love you all so much!! Remember keep fighting the good fight. The enemy has already lost don't let him win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love Sister Wheatley 

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