Ashley's Mission

Ashley's Mission

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Week 70-Still sick! Zone Conference and Birthday!

Oi Familia!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I am so sorry to be quick again! I am crazy as normal! hahaha

This week was a different kind of week!!!! I am doing better. I will be going to a new doctor on Thursday- pray that will will figure out what is going on!!! haha It will all work out! 

This week we had a  ZONE CONFERENCE! And my birthday! I was amazing! The elders in my zone created the biggest happy birthday dance-song -cheer I have ever seen! In front of the whole mission! hahahaha They are crazy! haha I turned hundred shades of red but it was super fun!!!! President also gave me a present. It was super sweet!!!! And I got to see all of my friends! It was truly a special birthday! Oh and I can not forget that my amazing comp and roommates took me out to sushi!!!! It was SUPER SUPER YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha

This week FABIO got the priesthood and pasted the sacrament!!!!!!!!! It was super special for me!!!! Josineide and Fabio are going strong and truly a special family!!!!

Remember that God helps all those who keep his commandments. I love serving a mission!!!!!!!! I see Gods hand in everything- everyday!!!!!!!

Thank you for all your prayers, love, and support!!!!!!!!! Love you all!!!!!!!!!!

Sister Wheatley

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