Ashley's Mission

Ashley's Mission

Monday, November 16, 2015

Week 18 Excited!


ok i over did that a ton but I am just really excited! I have the privilege of doing something many sisters don't get to do!
Starting this week I get to open an area for missionaries!!! This area has never had missionaries before!!!! Its a suburb of Santa Rita. There are no members there and its very very rural. we actually have to take a train to get there. This area will be apart of our ward until it can form a branch. President was really sure we were up for the task. We hope to plant many seeds! We are so excited!!!! And a little nervous. I am a little nervous especially because my Portuguese is improving but not perfect and I really want to help in this new area. But I know Heavenly Father will help me.
This week was a little hard opening an area for sisters because the elders gave us nothing. We didn't have recent converts, a map, locations of members, nothing. We spent a good part of the week figuring out where we were. haha
But we had a ton of miracles. 2 recent converts actually found us on the street. THE WARD HERE IS AMAZING!!! They really want to help. This ward has already sacrificed a ton for us. We already have new investigators. Families (members with their children) went on splits with us. The ward on sunday went with us to find less actives. The ward mission leader is a boss. he has set up a system here. This ward is ready for missionaries. I LOVE IT!!!!
We (the missionaries) actually did a ward activity Thursday. All about missionary work. And Sunday we gave talks.
I gave my first talk on Sunday!!!! in Portuguese!!!! haha I hope they understood me. hehe (: I spoke on love. And how our savior loved us and because of that he sacrificed for us. And now its our turn. I told them I am here to show my love and I know together we can show our love and strengthen the missionary work in this ward. I think it went really well. I felt the spirit. Not sure if it was the nerves or the Portuguese. But I am so excited to be here.
The area is very hard physically. I actually have 3 areas now. All three are very far from the church building which is hard. \9we live by the church building) And two are on a HUGE plateau! The area starts at the bottom and ends on the other side. The streets are on all sides on the plateau and are very very steep! and long. A lot of them you can not see the bottom from the top. Some are so steep you can only go on foot. Some I actually walk on hands and knees. I am climbing in a skirt! SISTER POWER (: hehe haha During the day when its really hot I am so tired. But every time I get really tired. I pray and I have energy again to press on. When we return at the end of the day I crash. haha But another plus ... I am losing more weight! haha And the members feed us a TON!!!! haha I am never never hungry!!!
Another miracle. I am not in pain. I push myself to my capacity everyday. At night sometimes I hurt. But when I wake up in the morning; my body doesn't hurt or feel sore. I feel normal. I know its only because I am doing what God needs me to do.  I FEEL SO BLESSED.
Well I don't have much time! But I love you all!!!! Thank you for everything! I feel it!
  • REMEBER you can do anything with Gods help. Even climb mountains in a skirt in 90 degree sun! haha (: (I know I could do it in high heels if he asked me to do that to. there is no doubt in my mind)
Sister Wheatley

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