Ashley's Mission

Ashley's Mission

Monday, November 23, 2015

Week 19 Cookie Recipes??

Oi amigos e familia. 

Today is going to be really short because I really don't have much time today! haha I never do but oh well haha.

I LOVE THIS WARD THIS AREA! I love it sooo much! This ward is incredible! 

1. The ward mission leader has step up a plan like nothing I have ever seen for us missionaries and the ward missionaries which there are 5 companionships. Each week we are each (each comp) a list of 15 less actives and our goal is 2 investigators for each group to have in church on Sunday.
2. every Sunday the ward does visits. and they chose an area and everyone visits the members and less actives in that area.
3. Every day a member goes out with us.

It is amazing!!!!!!!!!!! 

Alright I need your help! Here they do not have cookies like we have cookies. But everyone here has heard about American cookies. I need the best cookie recipes you all have. The ward wants to make American cookies for an activity. They want all kinds. So please send me recipes. We have all the normal ingrediants here!!! (and if you have brownies from scratch that would be helpful too) hehe ya´ll are the greatest!!!!! 

I love you all thank you all for your love and support!!!!!  


Sister Wheatley

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