Ashley's Mission

Ashley's Mission

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Week 16

oi familia!!!!

Are you getting used to using the 24 hr (military time system)? no. its horrible. hahaha especially because for some reason numbers are really difficult for me! haha in my planer I always write the normal time. haha 

What are some more customs you are noticing?
1. They eat ketchup and mayonnaise with EVERYTHING! hahaha and a ton of it!!! It is crazy. I thought we eat a ton ... they eat gallons of the stuff! hahaha 
2. It seems like Brazil has a holiday every week!!! haha its really funny! And on these holidays EVERYTHING shuts down. You can´t do anything. and the hard thing is that its always on a Monday! haha
3. If you need information about anything. You just stop someone on the street. People are very open and talk to everyone about everything! haha Its really nice as missionaries because people open up to us REALLY fast! THEY LOVE TO TALK! hahaha Even more than I do!!! haha (: Actually its quite funny- I have changed a ton, I talk but not excessively hahaha I got in a habit of just listening and now I like it. and I LOVE silence now. its so nice they few times I get it! Hahaha (:  ]
4. They LOVE the Aristocrats here. The little girl cat is everywhere! haha

Do you have many Spanish speaking people in Brazil? or other languages other than Portuguese
Everyone speaks Portuguese. Only the missionaries are fluent in Spanish (: haha everyone here studies Spanish and English in school. Like we do with Spanish in the USA. But English is everywhere. Music, signs, directions, people here use English a lot!

Do you still remember how to drive?  Do they drive on the left side of the road there? hahaha I wish. I think it is the same. Most streets are one way. There are not many streets two ways ... those streets are HUGE. Many people have motorcycles. Cars are REALLY EXPENSIVE. a used car is around 50,000 reias! haha so must people don't drive cars.

Are you getting used to the consistent weather there?  It is starting to get cool here. It gets hotter everyday but for some reason it doesn't really effect me. Everyone else is dying but I feel fine haha its a blessing and a miracle! There is a LOT of wind"!

Here are some words in Portuguese:
Accounting- contabilidade]
My warrior- meu guerreiro (zacks nickname) 
Travel agent- agente de viagems

This week was a week of miracles again! We found 4 families married!!! I am so excited to teach them this week!!! One family wants to get baptized! I am so excited for them!

This week we have lots of plans. Today was transfers but Sister Lavor and I  and my whole apartment will be staying together|!!!! This transfer is a little different it will be 7 weeks instead of 6!!! so its really long! We are excited to make the best of it!!! 

MY MOM IS THE GREATEST! She sent me the greatest funniest package ever!!!!
They have Oreos here but not other flavors! My roommates where in heaven! And the animal crackers!!!! haha
The little spiders are soooo cute! We spent hours making them the other p-day I will send pictures! hahaha
And playing Spot It!! Mom you are the greatest!!! haha 

Well I love you so much!
Amo Voces!!! Short on time!

Sister Wheatley

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