Ashley's Mission

Ashley's Mission

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Week 15-Birthday Miracles (Ashley's words)

Oi minha familia!!! <3 I love you all so much!! This week was awesome! Was a birthday of miracles.

As you know yesterday was my birthday. Its weird to think I am 20! haha  But it all started with the other sisters bursting into my room at 6:30 singing and dancing with a huge gooey cake!!! And TONS of sprite! haha We eat cake and sprite for breakfast! (life of a missionary) haha

But the milagres/miracles started when we went to church!!!
1. Joao received the priesthood!
2. 3 recent-converts that never go to church were there!
3. 2 less active families we have been working with came!
4. A new investigator came to church!
5. The missionaries were asked to teach gospel principles and other sisters did not want to teach. at all! haha and for the whole week they fight over who was going to teach it. And Saturday night came and no one had prepared anything. So I said I would. And so for only 1hr and 30 min I planned a lesson about the roles in families. I have never prayed so hard  for the language and the spirits help. And Sunday came and I TAUGHT AN  45 MIN CLASS IN PORTGUES!!!! The spirit was so strong and THEY UNDERSTOOD ME! There was a lot of discussion and participation and I was able to do and say everything that I wanted and felt the spirit needed me to do.
6. The elders had a baptism and asked me if I could help the girl. She was scared to death of water but wanted to be baptized. And I was able to comfort her and help her with the whole process. It was a really sweet experience.
7. The elders also asked me to sing at the baptism and I song "I like to look for rainbows..." (that song) in Portuguese! It was really special!
8. And the elders bought me a cake too!
9. My sister training leader and 1st comp (my mom) called me and sung happy birthday to be and I was able to talk with them for a little!
10. I am 20. I made it to 20. And now I don't want to get older! haha (:

Some fun things to know that happened this week:
1; I saw 3 dead people. You have to laugh about this but its really sad. Two because they had a viewing in the middle of the street. And the other was in the hospital. (my comp was sick friday)
2. I was buying grape juice the other day and  uva (is grape) and ovo (is egg) I asked the man for suco de ovo (egg juice) instead of suco do uva (grape juice),. I have never seen someone laugh so hard in my life. But because he laughed like he did he gave me any juice i wanted for free. I chose orange juice because it was easier to say! hahaa (: wow.

Melhor cada dia!! Love you and thank you for all the videos, letters, and emails for my birthday! You are all amazing!!! <3 

Te amo!
Sister Wheatley

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