Ashley's Mission

Ashley's Mission

Monday, October 19, 2015

Week 14 Joao's Baptism

Oi familia e amigos!!!

This week was crazy but ended amazing!!! 1st questions haha

Do you actually get up in the morning (there are those that question if that is possible)? hahaha yes I actually get up exactly at 6:30 and I can proudly say that. I get up at 6:30 immediately pray then pray with my comp. and then I get up an exercise for 30 min. Eat breakfast. Get ready then study. Every single morning. (; I can proudly say I am exactly obedient. (: 

2.  What part of Brazil is your companion from (you may have already told us? Oh haha I haven't really described my comp for you guys. She is 20. Is from Sao Paulo I don't remember the exact city but its an island in lower San Paulo; she is an only child and is really really funny,. She loves loves loves to talk; I think it is great!!!!! She laughs after every sentence unless she is serious about something so I always know when i need to pay attention! hahaha Everyone knows her because he boyfriend was the assistant to the president before I got her; It has really helped me get to know lots of missionaries!

3.  Are you ready for 16 months of 80 degree wheatley. I have no idea what you are asking hahaha!!! haha

4.  Describe your apartment. Well its normal; hahaha a lot like my apartment in college but there is no glass in the windows just bars and wood panels. the kitchen is smaller and the electronics are cheaper. haha we don't have a bathtub but the showers are nice. you can take a hot warm or cold shower. But you have to be careful because if you change it while the water is flowing you will get electrocuted. I am speaking from experience. haha we don't have couches but weirdly we have a ton of mattresses that  we lay out on the floor with. its really cozy and fun! haha We don't have a dryer but we have these cool little racks that our clothes dry out on. All the houses have a gate and then the door to your house and its the same with me!

Ok well this week: Joao Batisita (John the Baptist) was baptized!!!!!! 

And I just have to share the story of Joao!

It all started when we were walking down the street and we both had a clear impression to speak to this woman. But when we did she did NOT what to hear us. And we turned around to find Joao listening to us. And so we started to talk to him.

We found out Joao loved to drink. (We later found out he was the "town drunk.") Bur in that moment Joao wanted to change his life. He wasn't sad about drinking but he was sad that no one respected him and his whole family was always angry with him. And in that 1st encounter we taught him the word of wisdom and invited him to church.

That Sunday three days later he showed up to church. Which was amazing but he was drunk only a few hours before church. But he stayed the whole time... when church ended we walked him back home. And he would not stop saying "there is something different about that church." And we didn't see him again until wed. of that week.

And he had completely stopped drinking alcohol and cafe and he had quit smoking. All by himself. We taught him about prophets and the commandments. And everyday he changed. AND THE WHOLE TOWN HAS NOTICED. Everyone wants to learn about the church that changed Joao. We are teaching his family now. His mother. Aunts and Uncles. And Brothers and Sisters. 

He chose to change his life. He still says he loved drinking. But he has chosen to follow Christ in every way possible instead. AND he was baptized Sunday. (: He is a testimony to me. He has not a a drink of alcohol, smoked, or drank coffee since that 1st Sunday. And he has not once complained.

I am so happy for him. He is so different now. He is so happy and talks with everyone about the church. And he does not care what anyone says. He just wants to follow the Savior. And it makes me so happy that I got to be there to see it!

Well I have to go! I love you all! I love to read your emails. I may not respond individually but I do read all of them!!! I love you all so much! Te amo!!!! <3 

Remember repentance and the gospel is for EVERYONE. Not just people that look like members. Everyone needs the gospel. Everyone. 

Sister Wheatley


  1. Dear Sister Wheatley, thank you for your service and testimony. I have been praying for 42 years and tonight my youngest sister is meeting with the sister missionaries for the first time! You know how excited I am and how excited the sisters are! Hugs and misses! We pray for you by name continually. Love...Sister Dru Guffey.

  2. Ahhhh we love reading Sister Ashley Wheatley's letters of learning, faith and experiences!!! Grandpa says be sure and tell you happy happy birthday....we so love this young lady!