Ashley's Mission

Ashley's Mission

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Week 12

Oi familia! Sorry dont have much time today. Its really hard to write to my mission president because it needs to be in portguese! haha

What kind of currency do you use? Reais and this week the american dollar went up in value by a TON! 1 reais is equal to 4.20 dollars now it was only 3.03 before. People are freaking out. Everyone wants to talk to me about how I am so rich haha. Its really funny. But really serious here because all grain is imported from the states and corn. And prices are going up and people dont have a lot of money here to pay for it.

Are you used getting up early now? Yes. I have turned into mom. I wake up 6:20ish and my brain turns off around 10. haha its quite funny! And the Sisters in my apartment think it is the funniest thing!

What other cultural things are difficult to get used to? Time. People here dont really follow schedules. People are very free with time. Nothing starts on time. Everything last ten times longer than it should. haha There is no rush here for anything. Which can be good and bad. Its hard for missionaries because no one is in the house for appointments we really rely on the spirit to tell us when to visit people. But its good because I am slowly learning more and more pacience and how to not stress about little things. (patience with time not people ... the people are great!) haha All the Brasilarios always say acalma sister acalma! haha Its different but I am used to it now! Its hard to leave appointments too because boy do people in brazil love to talk!!!! I love it but its really hard to leave sometimes haha!!! (: 

How often do you see your mission President? Basically never. I have seen him 4 times in my mission and only said hello and goodbye. And talked to him once for an interview. (but that interview only lasted maybe 10 min. max) He is amazing but I dont really know him(: I have a lot of contact with his wife because she always calls and is awesome! *only through the phone

This week was hard but I felt God on my side all week long. 
Mom- dont freak out because I am fine! and happy! and healthy now! But this week I was in the hospital for 2 days. haha SURPRIZE(: hahaha

Its a really funny story. And I dont have much time. SO I will do it in bullet points..

1. I have been having really bad stomache aches and I told my comp. Only because I wasnt sleeping good!
2. She called sis. N and sis. N told me to go see a doctor. And I was fine with that because it hurt a lot and I wanted to get better.
3. Well in this mission going to the doctor means going to the emergency care and the hospital where I understand NOTHING haha and my comp kept leaving me! haha
4. We waited for about 1.5 then finally they took me to this room where this woman started asking me questions and I had no idea what she was saying. My comp helped after I answered no to a question that definatly should have been a yes. hahaha 
5. Next thing I knew I was in a room, that looked like a surgery waiting room. And they started putting IVs in my. I still have no idea what they put in me. But they pumped me full of water hahaha. I have never prayed so hard for the whole thing to end. I was on that IV for about 3.5 hours. And then they drew my blood. But it is really hard for them to find a vein so that hurt. haha
6. Next thing I know my comp asks me if i need to use the bathroom and i did really bad because they pumped me with water. haha and ill i understood was that they were going to take me to a bathroom. (well that was not correct.) anyways I was SUPER SUPER weak and so the doctor went to get me a chair with wheel dont remember the word in english haha .
7. But my comp told her i could walk. haha so we walked and she walked so fast i got really naused and throw up. haha so they took me to a bathroom so I thought i could use the bathroom.
8. Well ends up that I needed that water in my bladder for a test. So they had me drink 10 cups of water. I thought I was going to die hahaha
9. After wards (by the way I understand nothing at this point by brain is fried and I am really sick) And next thing I know I am in a huge machine that is scanning my body. hahaha
10. Then they tell us its too late to gets results and we need to return. Oh by the way this hospital is about 45 min away on the scary bus! haha
11. I was so scared and so done with it all and really weak. And my comp didnt get it (i know she only wanted to help) haha. I prayed so hard that someone would help us. And when we got off the bus. We ran into a member. And everything went away I felt peace and so much better. I went home and slept until the next day when we visited the hospital again.
12. This time was better we talked with a doctor and I still didnt understand anything. But my comp was awesome and helped a lot this time.
13. And afterwards I found out I was fine. I just eat something that didnt sit well with me. And I know have HUGE photos of the inside of my body that are actually really really cool! HAHA
14. I also learned that I actually have 2 spleens the doctors showed me. haha I have a normal spleen and a little spleen underneath it. haha They told my comp and she told me that its totally fine just rare haha. I had to tell Sis. N i was normal.
15. But after it all I was so stressed and really homesick. But I didnt say anything. I just followed my comp. and Boy did the Lord bless me. My comp took me to Subway. Yes they have it here. And we walked in and I felt at home and happy and their was english music and american food and I remembered that I was ok. And that I would be just fine. I EAT MY FAVORITE SUB! and was reallly really happy!
16. I know God will never leave me. Even when I felt alone I still felt his presence. I feel so blessed to have him on my side!!! 
17. All is good now!!! I feel great and I am working hard. And Portuguese is coming so much faster with all Brasiliarios! I love every sec.

We have so many invesigators who love the gospel. And I love teaching them. I am happy healthy and really blessed. I love you all so much!!! Thank you all for your letter, prayers, and emails!!! Remember you are never alone even if you think you are... you are never never never alone!!!!

<3 Ate! Amo voces!!!

Sister Wheatley

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