Ashley's Mission

Ashley's Mission

Monday, September 28, 2015

Week 11-New Companion Sister Lavour

Oi minha famila! 

DONT HAVE MUCH TIME(: But thank you for all your letters and emails!!!

Curious questions...

1.  Do you cook for yourselves? We dont eat dinner because lunch is so big and we only dont have lunch once or twice a week and those days people give us food. So if I am hungry yes I cook for myself but we really dont need to. I think i have cooked 3 or 4 meals(:
2.  Do your own laundry? Yes! (: 
3.  Do you have running water (I researched news on Joao Pessoa and it looked like Centro was having some water outages of some kind)? Yes and we have hot and cold water! We do not drink that water though. We buy other water (aqua mineral)
4.  What foods are you eating (you noted some while in the CTM), but have not commented of food in the field. hahaha well I dont really know what things are called yet but A LOT OF RICE BEANS AND MEAT! hahaha and a TON of soda...... hahaha
5.  What interesting things have you done on PDays? Presidient really doesnt want us doing much on pdays. Our area doesnt have anything really good to do anyways! We are not allowed to leave our area to do things. haha We do a lot of crafts!!!!!!! (: haha last pday we went to a members house and they taught us how to make tampico. (and no its not pudding) haha Its this stuff we dont have in the US with cheese, cocnut, and meat. Its AMAZING! and really easy to make|! And the other week was independe day so we went to the other wards social... but we arent allowed to play sports or games. So we just eat and talked to people haha (:
6.  Do you see other companionships much? Yes! We meet up with sisters once a week for training (12 sisters in my district) we have to travel about a hour to meet them everyweek we take the bus, train, and cars! (taxi). We see the elders every sunday because their ward is after ours.

SO this week was transfers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got a new COMPERHEIRA!!! Her name is Sister Lavour. She is a Brazialian from Sao Paulo! All the americas I know left my area. For the next transfer I am the only english speaking person in my whole zone. I am a little nervous. A bunch of people left this transfer. There are only 30 sisters here now and 5 are american! Sister Bunch got sent to reopen an area for sisters NEAR Valentina! 

I am a little nervous, but excited because I am really going to learn portguese!!  Its going to be hard for the next few weeks but luckily I have God on myside!!!!!!!!!!  Sister Lavour is AMAZING! and so so sweet!

Well I have to go! Love all of you! Next week Ill send more pictures! 
Sister Wheatley

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