Ashley's Mission

Ashley's Mission

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Week 10-1st Brazilian Parade

Oi minha familia e amigos!
Amo voces muito!!!

This week was long but good! hahaha This week as part of the mission training I was senior and my trainer went on divsao, in other areas and I was left in my area by myself with a Brazilian comp twice! .... I was scared out of my mind!!!! haha Thank goodness I had Heavenly Father on myside! 

With him, I didnt get lost once and I was able to teach full lessons in portuguese. Not perfect portguese but they understood and felt the spirit and that is all that matters!!!!!! I feel so blessed this week! AND I ALSO SPOKE PORTGUESe ALL DAY AND HAD CONVERSATIONS WITH PEOPLE AND MADE FRIENDS AND I SPOKE PORTUGUESe!!!!!! Everyone was telling me I spoke so much better by the end of the week!!! God blesses us when we do our best and have faith in him!!!!
I have developed an accent! haha People dont think I am american anymore they think im italian! haha (: Its great!
I got to see my 1st Brazilian Parade!!!! This week was independence week!!!! And Brazilians LOVE to party! haha I love it!!! I got to watch the parade ... the parade itself was 3.5 hours long and it was only school bands, groups with signs, and dancers. There were no blimps and only a few cars where used! It was really fun! But I got REALLY sunburnt! hahahaha worth it! (:
So my siblings had some questions I want to answer!
I heard that you have lots of cats and I was excited to hear that.  Now I want to go to Brazil. ---> Katie its springtime soooooo all the cats have had there kittens and they are running around everywhere! So so so cute!

I hope your feet feel better.  Have you come up with a nick-name yet? YES!!! Its in portguese! I am sending it in a letter to you but as for now your nickname is Zman! 

How is the weather in Joao Pessoa?  Does it feel nice or is it hot? The weather. haha well take the hottest day in NC and its that everyday! hahaha But I have gotten accustomed to it! It slowly gets hotter everyday and I am a little worried! hehe (: There is a lot of wind and a little rain here too so that really helps!!!!

I wore my boots and jeans on the beach today.  Someone even complimented me on the boots.  :-).  ahhahaha Well Bebop its burning hot here and people where jeans and boots! And the people in the parade even had on fulll outfits!!!!!!!
SO here are some cool facts about my mission!

there are only 174 missionaries in my mission. Around 40 are americans. There are only 5 american sister missionaries! haha And two leave very soon and they think not many more are going to come! Lots ofĂ‚ Brasilinas and Hispanics! hahaha Its awesome! I love them all! <3

We teach 20- 30 lessons a week with investigators, 20-25 with less actives! There are a LOT of less actives in my area! And we have had 3 reactivations since I got here! I love them!!!

Please send me questions I love to respond to questions!
Awesome experience this week: We are having trouble with an area that is really far from the church because we have a lot of inactives and investigators living there but its a lot of money to take the bus and they dont have cars! We walk to pick them up but a lot dont want to walk 30 minutes or more to church and back!

We had been praying and an idea came up. The bishop has a 15 passenger van and we thought that maybe he could pick them up. When we had our meeting with the bishop we were so scared but we asked him. ANd he didnt even have to think about it... he just said I can do that and began setting up a plan with us! It was such a blessing and a help! We had a ton of investigators have the oppurnity to go to church because of our bishops amazing sacrfice! It mean the world to me and I know it will help so many investigators and members in that area! 

Well I have to go thank you all for your letters and for your emails! I love reading them!!!  They make me happy! hehe (:

Remember if you do your best God does the rest! Its not easy but worth it! I love my mission! I love everyday!

Oh some cool things: Eric in portguese is Icaro!!! I found that out and thought it was cool! haha 

Ate!!!!! AMo voces!!!
Sister Wheatley

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