Ashley's Mission

Ashley's Mission

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Week 9 -First Baptism

Oi minha familia e amigos!!!
Amo voces!!

This week was really hard but ended with my 1st baptism!!!!!!!! I am so excited for her! She has such a strong testimony and she will do amazing things!!

Grandma had some questions:
So do you carry cell phones? Yes but we only use them to contact president and other missionaries. We have to be careful not to use them a lot because we are more likely to get robbed if we have them out.
What is your apartment like? complex or individual house? Its an apartment with 2 bedroms a kithen and a main room! Ill send pictures! We have cold and hot water that we use to take baths wash dishes and clothes, etc but we cant drink it. we have speacil mineral water we drink from.

is your water through using the church's filtering 3-step system? I am not sure. We have speacil drinking fountains at the church.

Ok because I dont have much time to write I have dedcided to get more organized with my letters!

Story- This week I had my first baptism. It was amazing! I had the oppurinty to sing at it with sister bunch and the spirit was so strong. I COULD FEEL THE SAVIORS LOVE FOR HER AS I SANG\! We actually got invited to sing at another baptism on Sunday and we did. It was amazing. I was struggling a little this week because I want to help people and its hard to without the language. But the Lord blessed me with two oppurinties to bring the spirit and it really helped and blessed me this week!

Update- In this mission u either lose a ton of weight or gain it. Luckily I am losing wieght like CRAZY! haha Some of my skirts are starting to be to big. I have to use a belt! haha! Its great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Coisa Legal (cool thing) - I went to my first Brazilan Birthday Party!!! The CAKE WAS HUGE!!! The gave out these little stingy things with candy and it was so much fun|! The children flocked around me speaking really fast, they all wanted to learn about the american missionary and disney world?! haha

Ingressada (funny)- So there is a member who comes with us a lot!(he is amazing! A new convert of 5 months and is preparing to serve a misson. I am helping him learn english and he is helping me learn portuguese. But for some reason he is the only person I accidently insult in portuguese. For example, there is a hand gesture that we use in the usa that is really really bad in brazilian and I made it at him and he freaked out. haha he's really nice about it and helped me not do it again! hahaha Also I called him a monkey because he was bouncing all over the place and ends up when use call someone a monkey its really really bad! Poor kid! He has been helping me a lot!! I apologized so much!" (he comes with us and a another girl (its not just him and us), just wanted to clarify)
Thanks to all of you for your wonderful letters and emails!!!!!!! Eu amo vocªs muito e eu sei que a igreja de jesus cristo dos santos dos ultimos dias ¨ a igreja de jesus cristo!

Sister Wheatley

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