Ashley's Mission

Ashley's Mission

Monday, August 31, 2015

Ashley Week 8 -Pictures! Look at the bottom to see!

Oi minha familia e amigos,

Yes I can receive pictures through email! Mom I need family pictures! hehe (:

Lots of stuff to say and not enough time hehe

1. My feet are healing. I am walking perfectly fine now!!!! (: Im going to have super strong knees and feet after my mission!

2. Really cool story for you this week: The very first family I taught a lesson to (part of a lesson) too is F and L. They are the cutest, sweetest couple. They have a sweet baby and I love them so much. They are ready for baptism but we have to wait until they get married. It is very expensive here to get married so a lot of people dont or dont have the money. But the other day L told us a story; she told us she had been praying for a way for her and her husband to get married. But F had never believed in religion and they didnt have the money. Well when the sisters 1 contacted her; she believed that they were not coming back. And when the sisters did they invited them to church. Well when sunday came F suddenly had a real desire to go to our church. Then we taught her about the law of chastity. And she knew the gospel was true. And after that they read the Book of Mormon everyday, pray together,  and they both know this gospel is true. They come to church and they follow the word of wisdom to a T. ANd you would not believe how fast they understand the gospel. It is amazing. I can feel how special they are! I feel so humbled to know them. Everytime I see there little baby I feel happy and I know that baby will be raised in a beautiful good gospel centered home. And the lord has given me the oppurnity to be apart of that! 

3.  We TEACH SO MANY PEOPLE: We go go go go! But its hard because our area is really far from the church so in the end we cant get many people to come on sundays!!! When they do though its a good sign that they understand the importance of church!

4. I lied in my last letter im not in joao pessoa in a suburb of Joao Pessoa. But the ward was right hehe (: 

5. My address is:

Sister Ashley WHeatley
Brazil Joao Pessoa Mission
Rua Deputado Jose Mariz, 515
58042-020 Joao Pessoa-PB

6. Ok some cultural updates:
Britt- There are wild horses everywhere!!!! And pigs!!! They are huge!!! And made really wierd noises!
Emily- People love to sing disney songs here!!! In english and in portuguese; I can not tell you how many times I have heard let it go! hahaha people LOVE music here. There is rarely a time that music isnt playing somewhere!!!
Jacob and Z-man- Everybody rides really cool motorcyles here. The teenagers do really cool tricks all throughout the streets. They ride for long streches on one wheel then spin. Its scares me but its really really cool!!!
Katie- There are cats everywhere!!!!!! EVERYWHERE! They love to cuddle up to people to. If I sit anywhere they come and sit beside me. The kittens are the cutest!

The language is coming. I understand more and more everyday!!!! Oh fun fact- little children love us. There is a group of little kids that will follow us singing and playing games with eachother as we walk! One time another little girl joined them- and asked me Are you chinese? And I told her no I am from America. Then she asked, "well do you speak chinese?" i could not stop laughing. And when I told her i spoke inglish she could not stop laughing! it made my week!

I LOVE the members here. Girls will take off an entire day to come with us. They will come teach with us from 2pm to 9pm. They are so helpful especially because I cant help in the lessons to much yet! There is about 6 girls who come with us regularly! They are amazing!!!! 

Well I have to go! Love you all so much! Eu amo voces muito!!!!

Sister Wheatley

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