Ashley's Mission

Ashley's Mission

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Ashley WEEK 5 ......6 DAYS LEFT IN MTC

Oi minha familia e amigos!
Well its official I am on the last leg of my MTC experience!!!! I have 6 days left!!! Awww by next P-day I will be in JOAO PESSOA as a real missionary teaching the gospel to the beautiful people of Brazil.
The langauge is getting harder but easier. I understand a lot of what people are saying but have a very hard time responding. We call it my "caveman portguese" hehehe I feel the spirit so strong in our lessons and there are times I have to take a deep breathe, trust in god, and then the spirit takes over. Half the time I have no idea what i am saying but i feel gods love and i know its what god wants me to say!
I am so sad to be leaving Sister Judd and the elders in my district. I have really gotten to know and love them! They are amazing!!! We have really got to experience a lot together. And when you spend 16 to 18 hours a day together you Really GET TO KNOW PEOPLE! haha Sometimes a little too much! hehe They are all amazing and their stories are amazing. Some have gone through some pretty difficult things in their life, but they are a testiment to me that the gospel is for everyone. And if we are worthy the Lord will bring us where we need to be; And for us, we need to be here in Brazil. Loving and teaching these amazing people!
We have the opporunity here to go out on P-days and explore the city. There are some really cool little shops and resturants. Reminds me a lot of China Town in New York. Every building or home here is guarded by a gate with spikes on the top and richer homes have mini police station boxes. But I feel completely safe everywhere I go. Especially with Sister Judd. The people are so friendly!!!
Brazil right now is experienceing a lot of religious excitment. And because of that so many people are looking for the truth. It is amazing! We have so many people come up to us and ask us who we are and what we believe. Its also a lot like the south where people love to talk about God! God has prepared this time for Brazil. People are searching. And I feel so priviledged to be here to be  an instrument to teach them!
I can not wait to serve the Lord next week. I will leave on wednesday morning probably around 3ish am. (oh fun fact people use military time here, totally messes me up!!!) hehe Then I will fly to Joao Pessoa with a huge district of Brazilairos who came in 12 days ago. One of them was my friend from facebook! Sister Tota Silva who I had been speaking to for 4 months before my mission! We have become fast friends! I love her so much! There are 4 Brazilian sisters going to Joao Pessoa with me and I love them so much! They are all so sweet. I have never been kissed so much before! Everytime they see me I give them a hug and they kiss me each on both checks! I love them! They are adorable!
Crazy thing. A lot of people in Brazil know a lot of English. They learn spanish and english in school. And they always want to practice with us. SO we speak in portuguese and they speak in english! haha They do a really good job! Sometimes it makes me feel a little bad that I am not picking up portuguese fast enough.
Had an amazing experience with the CTM mission president. He is a man of God. Sister Judd and I had some questions that we had been pondering for a while and we happened to run into the president who invited us in. He talked to us for about 45 min. He answered every question before we were able to ask. As he spoke I could feel my saviors love and I felt as if my savior was talking to me. After we left his office our souls felt like they were on fire. I left his office with a new resolve to serve god and the people of brazil with more power and love like Pres. Swenson.
Sorry its so short this week still runnining on little time. I love you all so much! Thank you for all your love and letters! They mean the world to me!
Te amo!!!!
Next time I write I be an offical missionary out of the MTC. or here its call the CTM (: hehehe so exciting!!!! Estou Muito Animada!!!!!!!! (I am very excited!)
Sister Wheatley

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