Ashley's Mission

Ashley's Mission

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Ashley WEEK 4 of MTC LIFE

Oi familia e amigos!
SO I only have about 30 minutes here to email, its kinda stressful! But I loved all the letter, emails, and cards sent to me! You are all the greatest and I really do apprieate you taking your time! <3 ya!
WELL 1ST WEEK IN BRAZIL DONE! hahaha It is amazing here, way different than Provo!!!! SO much more personal, strict, and the language is a hug emphasis! We spend most of the day in a small TINY classroom studying Portuguese and douctrina. (doctrine) haha ... My district is a riot there are 8 elders and 4 sisters but we are so loud! They bounce off the walls! haha but I love all of them, their testimonies are all super strong and I learn so much from them.
On tThursday (of last week) they handed each of us 3 books of mormon and put us in the middle of a huge social area downtown maybe 40 minutes away and sent us off to give out our books of mormon by ourselves (with our comp) speaking pPortuguese. It was terrifying but amazing at the same time! The bus we got on to get there was a public transportation bus and it WAS SO SCARY! They drove like a new york taxi but it was a BUS! hahaha I got thrown into a seat, the poor elders had to stand. I thought they were going to fly out the window! haha ... When we got there we had 1 hr and 30 min to give our 6 B.O.M per compainship, we struggled at first getting the courage to talk to people but we finally did. We were able to give all of them out! Everyone was really nice even if they didnt want to take it. Some people took it but Im not sure if they will read it. One guy started chewing us out for not speaking pPortuguese for about 10 minutes, we just told him that we may not know the langauge well but our message is important- he took a book of mormon so hopefully it will help him! There were two people though that I know will read it. One guy was so greatful, I could barely understand him, but he just loved it. I started to read as we were talking and he got so excited when we left he started showing people his book "with a picture of jesus inside" it was so great. And another women told us she already belonged to a church and believed in the bible and we were able to tell her that the bible and BOM were both testaments of jesus christ and the spirit was so strong! She ended up taking the book of mormon and I had a very strong feeeling she would read it! I hope she does!!!!
I was able to go to the Sao Paulo temple today! It is beautiful, ends up it is the 1st temple in south america! It is full of stain glass pictures/windows and BEAUTIFUL plants are everywhere.
Sao Paulo is such a different city. It is HUGE! Its buildings scattered throughout a massive jungle. And yes and jungle. There are vines and tropical trees everywhere. I love it here.
OK I know why they eat beans and rice with every meal. BECAUSE IT IS AMAZING! I will NEVER get sick of the food here; some of the fruits and desserts are a little funky but the main dishes 1000000000 times better than american food! Its so fresh!
Dad I am so glad you like the shirt! Mom I have one for you too but its with me! You will get it when  you come pick me up(: hehe
I love you all so much I wish I could say more. I never want to leave. They people are amazing, the food is amazing, the langauge is hard but beautiful, and I love being with the spirit everywhere I go! I have felt the Lord everywhere I have gone.
Oh fun fact W and Y don´t exist in portuguese so my name doesnt exist. No one says it right!!! It is soooo funny to watch people guess. I know how sister z felt! I love it! I tell them they do a good job even if they get it wrong because you can see how hard they are trying. One lady did get it right and I completely freaked out! She was so surprized. Ends up she know englsih fluently! haha
I made a new Brazilan friend Sister Miranda. She was amazing! She speaks to me in Protuguese all the time. She has helped me. Everytime I see her I yell out "Minha Amiga" and she gets this huge smile on her face and runs and hugs me! She is only here for a few more days though because she is a native speaker! I am so sad!
Oh my roomates are from Capo Verde, Africa. They speak continental portuguese! It is so different than Brazilan. But they are the sweetest! They think Sister Judd and I look like the princesses on Frozen so they had us sing for them one day. AND now everytime they see us they bow and start singing  let it go, as if we are royality! We start to sing with them and they LOVE It! I love them so much!
I stick out like a sore thumb here. hahaha I am white, tall, blonde, wear an amazing nametag and have curly hair. Haha everywhere I go people stare and EVERYBODY touches my hair!!! It is so funny. When we go in devotionals or at dinner people will call me over to talk to them so they can play with my hair! haha If I am waiting in line, Ill just feel a tug and I look back and they are laughing. They love it and think it is so beautiful!!! They are all so sweet! Everyone thinks me and sister judd are sisters because we have the same hair, look alike, are always together, and come from NC.
Well I have to go! I love you all! Know that God does exisit and love you so much! He has shown me how much love he has for just one of his children. He will do anything to bring them the truth. Do not take the gospel for granted.
Te amo,
Sister Wheatley
PS Aunt Rhea the elders called me Sister Sweetly the other day. I couldn´t help but think that I was continuing a beautiful legacy! <3 you! (I could not stop laughing, I think they thought I went crazy. When they called me that)

Sister Wheatley

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