Ashley's Mission

Ashley's Mission

Sunday, July 26, 2015

First Letter from Brazil MTC July 22 Wednesday 2015

Oi minha familia e amigos!
I made it to Brazil! My new p-days will be on wednesdays and I no longer can send pictures and I only have 45 minutes to write now so I will probably only get to write my main email every week and not be able to respond to individuals! Do know I love and apprieate all the letters and emails. I can not recieve packages at the MTC but I can recieve dear elder and letters. (but know it takes 10-12 days to get here) I am only here for 3 weeks before I head to Joao Pessoa!!!! (: oh and I am so sorry about my english one: portuguese is taking over and two: the keyboards are different here! haha I don´t know where all the keys are! (and they are in different places) haha
My address mom is in my mission call packet back at home (:
So my first day at the MTC. Started with a really LONG flight and a really amazing experience. Before I left I had a really profound feeling I needed to bring a book of mormon with me and I prayed all day for heavenly father to tell me if it needed to be in portuguese or english. And when I went into my farewell interview, my branch councilor stopped the interview and told me "I challenge you to bring a portuguese book of mormon." It was an anaswer to mt prayer. While on the 10 hr flight to Brazil a man sat next to us that spoke portuguese and a little english! We were able to communicate with him and tell him about our missions and about the church. He told us all about Brazil and the "church building" (our temple) that is beautiful! haha He said everybody knows about the beautiful church building! We were able to give him, the book of mormon. He told me he would read it for us and he would email me his findings! I feel so blessed! I was a REAL missionary today! I can't wait to share the gospel with the people of Brazil! Even though my portuguese was SUPER rough the spirit was still able to speak to him. The Holy Spirit is real and does truly teach through us, we just have to trust in the Lord and open our mouths.
The MTC is completely opposite of the MTC in Provo!!! It is crazy! haha The food is soooooo much better for starters! I love BRAZILIAN FOOD! They also have this soda that I can´t spell or say that is AMAZINGGGG!!!! haha love it already! The rules are different here and we do way different things on p-day. On p-day we get to go walking the city talking to people and get to go to the Sao Paulo Temple!!! So excited! We do our laundry different days in the week so we can spend as much time out learning the culture and loving the people of Brazil. 
The MTC is beautiful! There are gardens throughout the building and its so open.  Its hard because everyone here either speaks protuguese or spanish and I know niether. But I am understanding a ton of what they are saying but I just can´t speak back to them! haha
The MTC bedrooms are SOOOO NICE! They put my college apartment to shame! haha
The provo mtc has a lot more free time and a lot more people. It is all business here and you have a places to be. Oh and the instruction is so much nicer here. THEY TELL YOU WHATS GOING ON! hahaha Its going to be hard but I know I am going to get the language down a lot faster!
I will get to meet the rest of my new district and teachers tomorrow! Can´t wait! They all seem really nice and fun! My distict is all english speakers! But my roomates are spanish speaking! So I may come back knowing protuguese and a little spanish!!! haha
Well Its time for me to head out into BRAZIL! I am so excited!!! There is a cookie place that gives out free cookies to the new missionaries, right across the street!
Oh and the buildings are so cool they are so colorful and big and they are never ending! I wish I could send pictures! The people are so nice here! Everyone wants to talk to you, I only wish I could speak back!
I´ve made it! I can´t wait to serve  the people of Brazil! I already love them!
Well Te amo,
Sister Wheatley! (:

Sister Wheatley

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