Ashley's Mission

Ashley's Mission

Monday, July 20, 2015

Oi familia e amigos,

I am getting to ready to leave for BRAZIL!!!!!! less than 24 hours!!!!!! (tell I leave) My flights all together are like 15 hrs hehe! Anyways I have been packing and running around like a crazy missionary! Trying to get everything done. They didn't give us any instruction. So we went to ask and the scheduling guy asked me if 30 min would be enough time to pack and email. I started laughing and then I realized he was serious. hahaha Our Branch President gave us more time. (: haha 

I have really felt that I have fulfilled my purpose at the Provo MTC center. I know God needed me here to learn and grow, and there were people here who needed me. I have learned so much here. I have grown so close to my Heavenly Father, he truly has a plan for each one of his children. He is there 100% of the way!!

Some things the MTC has taught me!

1. Fear destroys faith. And that to really put your trust in God you must push aside your fear and follow him. Heavenly Father has shown me his love and I no longer have fear. I am excited for anything that comes my way. I know God is there and that he did not plan for me to fail in the end. SO as long as work hard and press (no matter how many mistakes I make) The Lord will lead me to where I need to be and the people who need my help. 

2. Unity. We teach in two or three for a reason. Two or three witnesses are so much more powerful than one! When my trio is united the spirit can not stay away from our lessons but when even one of us is out of it the whole lesson can struggle. I have really learned to trust, accept, and support my comps in all  we do. We are on a team with the Lord. I love Sister Stowell and Sister Judd so much!

3. Love is the most powerful tool of the spirit. No matter how badly I speak the Language if the investigators feel my love and testimony; they will feel the spirit and will learn from him. I am not the teacher: the holy ghost is. I am only the instrument.

4.THE BOOK OF MORMON is the word of god. You can grow closer to god by reading that book than by any other book. I have always known of its truths and that it was true, but as I have dug deeper into its teachings I have felt a closer connection to my savior than I have ever before in my life. 

5.Jesus takes care of his friends. (As missionaries we represent him. He will never leave us.)

6. Prayer. It is a two way communication with our heavenly father. He has answered so many prayers this week. He lives and LISTENS to his children. You can't shove him away. 

Well two funny Portuguese stories for the week: I tell you these to show you that to learn this language we have to make a lot of mistakes and the gift of tongues is real. But it takes diligence and effort. I am already speaking tons better than I was. But the mistakes you just have to laugh at.
1. As a district, we where doing and mock door contact and our teacher was playing the missionary and we where the investigators. He asked us if we attended any churches. One of the elders tried to say "that when I go to grandparents house." But instead he said "when I go to my egg's house." All of us just looked at him. Not quite sure what to think. Then our teacher died laughing. He tried so hard to be nice (as he hid his face.) When it all clicked (when we finally translated it) we all couldn't stop laughing! It was great!
2. So I was in a lesson with an investigator and I tried to ask him "what would you like us to teach you?" but instead I justed the command form and forgot the "what" and so I said "DO you want us to teach you?" hahaha the poor investigator was like, "yes *with a sad expression*." My comp quickly restated my question. It was so awkward I felt so bad. I apologized like 10 times. haha oh well he still invited us back! He is a really nice guy!!! Even though my language was rough he still felt the spirit. 

Well I only have a little time left so: 
I wanted to tell you that we started TRC a few days ago, where real members come in and we teach them in Portuguese. It was amazing, but we go into these scary little rooms with cameras and other districts watch us as we teach! awww! haha It was a little nerve racking because one camera was right behind my shoulder. But once we started going the spirit was so strong and we all forgot about the cameras. - The older district was watching us and said that we did amazing. With the spirit you can do anything. Lose yourself in the work and its so beautiful!

Well te amo! Next time I write I will be in Brazil!!!!!! God lives and loves you. Never forget it.

PS. Thank you to all the family and friends who send me letters and packages you are the greatest!
Sister Wheatley

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