Ashley's Mission

Ashley's Mission

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Seventh Week-1st Area Bayeux Centro .........Companion Sister Bunch

oi familia e amigos! Eu amo voces!!!

So its official I am in the field finally!!!! haha My new p-day is Monday. I have made it!!!!!!!! And I love it!!!!!!! Its been hard but I've never been happier. I feel so blessed!!! 

Before I begin- my mission has alot of unquie rules about email that I need to convey to all of you! 
1. I only have 30 min to email
2. I am only allowed to email family or female friends. 
3. I can recieve emails from anyone and everyone but I will have to handwrite you back. (so if you email me please put your address in your email) (:
4. And know I love and appriecate all your emails. Oh others can recieve my mass email I just cant write back personal emails!

Ok well (mom) I bet you want to hear about my area, comp, etc.
1. My comp/trainor is Sister Bunch from Colorado! I got an american! haha She is amazing! She has been serving for 11 months, is completely fluent, beautiful inside and out, and only speaks portugues to me. (:
2. I am serving in the BAYEUX CENTRO 1 Ward in Joao Pessoa. The area is very impoverished and kinda dangerous! But mom I could not feel more safe and protected! We don't bring bags with us because a lot of people get robbed here. I take every precaution. I only carry a see-through binder with pamphets, a book of mormon, and the bible, and my planer! 
3. My area is pretty big!!!! And really far from where we live and the chruch. It takes us 30 min or more to walk there everyday. I walk EVERYWHERE!!! haha We walk from 11am to 9:30pm and sometimes later depending on who we where teaching. My feet are cracking and sting but they are getting better! For the 1st few days my feet would hurt so bad I could feel my heartbeat with every step. But I am proud to say I have no complained just prayed really really hard! haha
And every time I thought I could not walk anymore God has helped me. On the third day my feet where bleeding and hurt so bad but I didn't want to stop. SO I prayed that we would be able to find someone to hear our message and let us come in there home. Two minutes or so later both me and my comp got really thirsty and started asking for water. This young man, Augusto, brought us water and then invited us into his home. We where able to teach his the first lesson and he came to church with us on Sunday. After our lesson, the pain in my feet completely went away. We taught him for almost and hour and a half. I know God takes care of his servants! Another time- my feet hurt so bad I thought I couldn't make it home so I prayed and a member drove by with his wife and stopped. Asked us if we wanted a ride he drove us back home. This is really rare because very few members have cars.

Well its been kinda hard. But I LOVE IT. I know its where God needs me and I trust him 100% I didn't understand anything for about 5 days; haha But I am know starting to pick up the accent and I understand gospel things and when they tell me I am really cute, a barbie, don't know the language, and when they tell me I did a good job! haha (: I dont understand any of the small talk. But its getting better. My trainer's fabulous! hehe ... I dont speak well at all but every time I have needed to say something, I have felt Heavenly Father there. Dad- You will be proud and surprised to know I can keep completely silent for more than 3 hours at a time. its amazing hehe (:

We teach sooooooooooooooo much!!!! I wish I could show you my planer!!!! We teach and talk to people from 1 to 930 everyday! We have tons of people on track for baptism. The process is crazy fast here.

I think I was born in the wrong country! haha The culture here is totally me! I love it here!!!

A. The people love to talk and love to meet new people. People are so open and love everyone!
B.People have so much respect for others. Even if they disagree with us they are still pretty polite about it. And for example a guy was smoking and blew out smoke as we where walking by and he began apolozing and pushing away the smoke... just so we wont walk through it.
C. I LOVE the food!! I have yet to eat something I don't like! Dad they eat tomatoes with every meal"! hahaha (~: The members feed us so much (they feed us lunch here). We typically only eat breakfast and lunch because lunch is so filling you are not hungry at the end of the day!
D. People love God here.
E. Everyone loves music!!!!!!! Music is constantly playing throughout the streets and in peoples homes. 

Oh I love it so much! I love being here. I wish I knew the language. And I wish I could teach. But I know with God I will get there!!!

Well times about up! I love you so much!
Te amo!

Sister Wheatley

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