Ashley's Mission

Ashley's Mission

Monday, October 12, 2015

Week 13-Miracles

Oi familia!!!!
This week I only want to write about miracles. Because this week was full of miracles! (:
But first questions!!!!

Are church services similar to our church services? Yes they are exactly the same except they do it backwards. They always have RS 1st, then SS, then Sacrament! Oh and people here love to sing really really loud! hahaha No one in the ward plays the piano but the primary children are learning to play the children take turns during sacrament to play the hymns!!! Its really cool and boy to they have courage! Its not super good but its way better than I can!!! haha I have so much respect for these little 10 and 11 year olds playing up in front of everyone!

What are some the interesting customs you have noticed? well there are lots hahaha You could ask me this question every week and I could respond differently haha (:  They way they eat here is really interesting to me. Everyone eats with a fork and a steak knife. Doesn't matter what it is. Rice, pasta, steak. You eat all your food with both. At 1st it was really hard for me to copy it but now I can proudly say I am a pro! haha Its weird not to eat with a steak knife now! haha

Another interesting custom is parties. People LOVE parties here. It seems like there is a different holiday every other week! Where no one works and everyone is with friends and family! Its so much fun! haha Oh and if there is a soccer game... its automatically a holiday! haha (:

What is your favorite Portuguese phrase? My favorite phrase is: Melhor cada dia! I started using this phrase my 1st week here because everyone would ask me about me portguese and I always responded "melhor cada dia" or "better each day!" But after a while I began to see that this phrase is not only for my Portuguese but for  all aspects of my life. I want to be better each day, eu quero ser melhor cada dia!!! (: And I have this phrase posted on my wall right beside my desk as a constant reminder to be better everyday. 

Do you attend ward council? No. I want to but the Bishop has never invited us. I was actually planning on talking to him about it this week. It would help us a lot! But sister lavor and I are organizing a break the fast for Nov. and an (I don't remember in english) but an intergasao (that's not how you spell it in Portuguese either haha) Where we have plans to join the member, missionaries, and recent converts"! I am really excited!!! 

Ok Miracles or Milagres for this week:

1. My feet have completely healed!! I had huge marks and a few scars and I woke up one morning to find all of them gone!!! I was really worried about my feet and they are completely healed!!!!!! Thank you for all your prayers! They worked!

2. I am perfectly healthy. Haven't felt sick again! Oh and its official this week we calculated with a scale how much weight I have lost. I have lost around 17.35 lbs.!!!! I feel great! And everybody has noticed; I even have an investigator who every time he sees me tries to give me food because he things I am not eating enough! haah I promise I am eating a ton! haha (:

3. Conference- I was really concerned that I wouldn't be able to understand conference. And I had a lot of questions I had been praying about. And when conference started the computer malfunctioned and for the 1st session of conference, the whole thing had English subtitles; The men there tried everything to take it away but nothing worked. And every single question I had was answered in that 1st session. After the session was over the subtitles just went away. ahaha I am serious no one could explain it! But everything I needed to learn from conference I did! I really felt Gods love!

4. We started a new area this week that hasn't had missionaries for a very long time. And we found tons of new investigators ready!!!! And 3 families that are married!!! To find one family married is a miracle but 3 is unheard of in a week!!! We are so excited to teach these families this week!

5. This week we where waiting for an investigator and the sister of him started talking to me. Awful things. She said really awful things. My comp was talking with someone else and I was left alone to talk to this lady. haha I only caught parts. But then clearly she asked me who Jesus Christ was to me. And I responded to here in my very best Portuguese and the whole conversation changed. I taught her the 1st lesson on my own in the middle of the street in Portuguese! And afterwards she asked me if she could visit this church with me. I told her of course!!! I love the spirit!!!! I didn't speak perfect Portuguese but she understood it all! I taught a whole lesson in Portuguese with the spirit! And it was the greatest experience I have ever had on my mission so far! God blesses us when we need him the most and when we work hard and remember him!

I love all of you so much|!!! I have not been able to send out letters for a while because the postal service is on strike. hahaha But luckily we all receive our mail because the mail carrier is a member! haaha so the only people receiving mail in parabia this state are the missionaries! hahaa

Know I love all of you! Look for the miracles, they are everywhere! There is a God and he loves all of us! And he is always there. Love you than you for all the letters and love!"
Sister Wheatley

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