Ashley's Mission

Ashley's Mission

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Week 33 -Transfers but staying


This week was amazing!!!!!!!! We had our investigators at church and Joao (are recent baptism) invited his WHOLE family to church. And all of them had the oppurnity to watch the baptism of another sisters. The family- I think was more excited than the person getting baptized! haha We plan to meet and teach his whole family starting this week!!!!!!!!!! hahahahaa SOOOOOOOOOO Excited! I already love them! hehe

Questions for the week:

1.  Do you hear much about the Olympics coming to Brazil? I hear nothing. Right now everything is about easter. The commercials are full of things-but we dont watch TV. So for its really nothing. Sis Ferreira says that I wont get big until maybe may or june. The country created coins that are really cool- I hope to find one!!!!!!!! hehe

2. How many missions are in Brazil?  I thought the number was 43...but perhaps I have it switched 34? around 42-45 I dont remember exactly. Mine is one of the smaller missions outside of San Paulo. 
3.  How many Elders and Sisters in your mission? about 160 (: There are about 30 sisters (:

We will have transfers this week!!!!!!!!! We do not know about transfers until 9:30pm Sunday and if we get transferred we have to leave at 8am Monday. We dont have time to say goodbye or pack. I do not enjoy transfers week. hahaha It looks like SIster Ferreira will leave Guarabira 1. because she has already been here 6 months  2. because president told her that she will probably leave. He told me... I will probably stay! ... I am super sad to not be her comp anymore, I will miss her a ton! We have gotten really close and I will miss her so MUCH!

SO I WIEGHED MYSELF AGAIN THIS WEEK! haha Blessing of the mission! I am offically 135 lbs!!!!! I have lost over 30lbs!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel great and so much healthier! I am eating a TON more (just excerising and eating better things!!!!!!) <3 <3 <3
Everytime President sees me- he laughs and tells me I am srinking! haha Being healthy physically really can effect how you feel emotionally. I have really gained a testimony about keeping your body healthy and active. It is very important. Really study the word of wisdom. It is an amazing tool to bring happiness to your life!!!!!!!!

Sister Wheatley

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