Ashley's Mission

Ashley's Mission

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Week 32-Baptism of Joao Rodrigues Fransico (two letters and more pictures)

OI FAMILIA!!!!!!!!!! <3

Tell us about money?  Do you ever use cash?  What is the currency there? If you had cash, could you exchange it for local currency easily?
We only use cash. We get money the 1 and 15 of every month. And we take it all out everytime. Most places dont have things for credit cards or debit cards. And if they do its probably not a good idead to use them. We use Reais, 1 real is equal to 4 dollars. In Joao Pessoa I can exchange american cash easily! 

Do you have running water (drinkable) or do you have to buy bottled water?
We have running water yes! But we buy huge tubes of water of mineral water. Because its completely filtered and completely clean(: The natural water is very polluted!

Do you have AC in your apartment?
No. Only the sacrament room in the church has AC. None of the homes have AC. But the houses also have open holes where wind passes through. (and rain) hahaha

How many stakes are in your mission? I have no idea. I am not in a stake, I am in a district. They are trying to make it a stake by the end of the year!

Is it about 2 sets of missionaries in each ward / branch? Depends. One area had 6 pairs and others 1, 2, or 3. Most have two sets. Usually its 1 or 2.


Oi familia e amigos!!!!!!!

This week was another week of miracles!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha

I had a baptism!!!!!!!!! His name is Joao Rodrigues Fransico! And he was born in 1955! And he changed his life around for the gospel. The gospel is for anyone and everyone at any stage of life. Gods arms are always open to his beloved children!

He has suffered so much! When we meet him - he just stopped being an alcholic. Didnt have friends, didnt have any family left, didnt have running water or light in his house. All he had was a house with a bed, table, and chair and a little lamp. He is so humble. He never asks for anything and he is so grateful for the gospel! The first time we gave him a pamphet he started to cry. He cant read to well because of his vision but he just looked at the pictures of Christ and you could tell he loves his Savior. I love this little man so much!

He is so cute! He told us yesturday that he has seen a mermaid! And we asked him where and he said the TV. haha Then he said, But one day I will see one in real life. We didnt have the heart to tell him they dont exist! But we plan to get him a little mermaid for his house! haha

His baptism was very special for a lot of reasons. One; he was so ready and the spirit was so strong and two; Pedro got to baptize him!!!!!!!

It is really special to see one of your recent-converts baptize another!!!!!!!!!!!!

We got to Hike to the FREI! It was beautiful and we got to see all of GUARABIRA! My area is a lot bigger than I thought! hahahahaha

We also put on a talent show for the branch! hahaha it was amazing! We put on a skit. And had the whole branch dying of laughter! Our investigators LOVED it and it really helped get a little more excitement here in the branch!

Well next week I will write more! I love you all! Thank you for all of your love, letters, and emails!!!!!!!!

Sister Wheatley

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