Ashley's Mission

Ashley's Mission

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Week 29


I love you all so much! Today I have 7 months in the mission!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWW! Its crazy to think. I feel so blessed to be here! I am learning and growing so much! And I continue to see lives changed and I feel so blessed and happy to be a part!

This week will be short because we are extremly busy and we are going to celebrate my 7 months with SUSHI! Yes sushi we have a mall in my area that missionaries are allowed to enter because its actually just like a big sams club haha; And it has a sushi place! We are all so excited! haha I will send pics soon!

This week was hard because there is a Light festival going on here in Guarabira and when people party people party. hahaha It was hard to meet new people and nobody wanted to come to church including the members. We only had about 50 people in church and almost all of them where recent-converts haha.

But this week will be amazing! And I know full of many milagres/miracles!  Love ya all!!!!!!!!!!!  

Loved to hear about my baby cousins blessing! What an amazing moment! She is born into an amazing family by blessings and love. 

Sister Wheatley

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