Ashley's Mission

Ashley's Mission

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Week 30 Carnival Week

Oi familia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! e amigos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well this week was CARNIVAL! well actually its to tomorrow! But everyone starts celebrating Friiday the week before! It is like a desert here, everyone leaves for the beach. But we worked hard all week and literally talked with everyone who stayed in Guarabira. We taught around 44 lessons. But there was little to no one here to come to church this week. Even the members werent there.

Thursday, Friday, Saturday. Sunday, and today they have what are called blocs. These are BIG vans that drive around with singers on top. They sing and dance and a huge crowd follow behind. It is really fun to watch. Of course we do not sit and watch because we are working and I am pretty sure it breaks some kind of rule but we pass by because its always in the middle of our area. haha Carnival is a celebration of the carne or the body. It is really beautiful but people have twisted it to be something rather awful and its very sad. If you watch the movie Rio it shows it perfectly. 
Everyone is decorated in tons of colors, paints, big colorful crazy hats, and they love to throw around baby powder. hahahaha

Sushi was amazing. haha We celebrated my 7months and my comps 9 months. 9 meses or months are huge because thats the half way point and we always take photos like she is pregant! haha I love my comp so much she really has been a miracle for me.

Got a questions for you-you don't have i pads to work on right?  So what do you do on P Days when you write home?  ... We go to what we call Lan Houses --> internet cafes. We have to pay for the internet we use.
 Questions from others:
What is your typical schedule on most days?

6:30 wake up
6:45-7:15 excerise
8 study personal
9 study comp
10 study portuguese
10-12 work
12 LUNCH - we eat lunch with the members
1:30-9:30 work 
9:30-10 plan for the next day

Our work is lessons and contacts all day long. We plan lessons and inbetween the lesson as we walk we talk with people or knock on doors. And if we are hungry we grab food with vendors and eat and walk. My area is huge and is all hills so we do not have time to sit. haha we go go go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha 

But it is exactly that every day. And Sundays we 

9-12 is church
12-2 is lunch
2-9:30 is work (:

and P-day

6:30 clean house
8 study personal
9 study comp
10 go to the store

... sleep or watch a movie (we are allowed to watch all cartoon type movies, I just watch Disney.)

and sometime in between there we go to the lan house to write emails! 
Love you all thank you for all your love and support! Remember that when you are a member missionary you and your home will be strengthened!
Sister Wheatley

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