Ashley's Mission

Ashley's Mission

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Week 31-Great letter!

OI Familia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Minhas QUERIDAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This week started out really difficult! No one was here. Carnival isn't dangerous where I am... is deserted, but we worked really hard and ended the week with a lot of miracles!!!!!!!
WE HAD A BAPTISM!!!!!!!!!!! Her name is Gracelani! She is 9 years old; my comp baptized her family before I came but the father wouldn't let her be baptized because he felt she wasn't prepared. We have been working very hard with her and taught her for weeks! She has waited months to be baptized and this week, her father gave permission! She was so ready and excited! It was a beautiful baptism. And we had tons of investigators there! I will send pics next week!

We reactivated a man who has become very special to me. His name is Adnildo. He was baptized when he was 15 but the elders just baptized him, and he had problems with drinking. Its a very sad story. But we found him, through contacting!!!!!!!!! And found him married and now we are teaching his beautiful wife! Fingers crossed! She is amazing!

Here are some questions for you:
How is the retention on new members? It completly depends. It depends a lot. A lot of people are baptized wrong or just baptized and many fall away. Many stay firm if they were baptized right and if the members help. Especially the familes stay firm. Because they have each other. But to baptize a whole family is very rare. Many missionaries do not have an opportunity to baptize a whole family. It is very rare here. I feel very blessed.

How is your pizza maker's family? AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pedro is taking a priesthood prep class to prepare to recieve the M. priesthood and bishop has plans for him(: Pedrinho will pass the sacrament for the 1st time this week! Polyana went to FSY (EFY) and LOVED IT!!!!!!!!! Didnt want to leave!!!!!!! ahaha and little Henrique just loves primary. He says its his fav part of the week! He always sits with me during sacrament to look through my marked scriptures and photos (I use to teach)! haha
What other religions are there other than Catholic? Everyone you can think of. But there are bascially too groups the Catholics and the Evangleicos (Gospels- all different kinds of christain.) Here there is literaly thousands of churches on every street. Big small- one roomed- castles. haha and they sit right nexts to the others. Its all christian. But its really a war zone and we are stuck in the middle. haha If someone is Catholic they think we are evanglesticos and do not like us. And if they are evang. they do not like us because they think we are like the catholics and everyone talks bad about the others, because their preaches have whole days where they teach about the bad things that happen in other churches. SO we keep very positive with everyone and just testfiy about the church of Jesus Christ. The real and only true church. And if you want to know for yourself- open your heart, listen, and pray. And if you do it with real intention - he will answer. He always will answer. And you dont have to be doubting to ask.

Can you go to other churches? haha I have no idea. All of them are open and many actually have their church in the middle of the street. SO I see and hear all of them. Most are just grand shows with music and teachers loud and dancing. haha
Everyone invites us to their church and my comp loves to tell them we might be able to if you come to ours. Then they visit and we explain the restoration and we haven´t had a problem about it afterwards! haha (:

Thank you all for your love and support and letters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love them all! And questions I love questions! haha
Ate mais! Have an amazing week! 

Sister Wheatley

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