Ashley's Mission

Ashley's Mission

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Week 74-Got to meet Elder and Sister Renlund - Only 18 days left! 2 1/2 weeks!

HEY FAMILIA E AMIGOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MY TRAVEL PLAN HAS COME! 3 more weeks! I can not believe it!!!! There is a lot of mixed feelings. But I am still out working hard everyday and seeing lots of miracles.
This week I has the special opportunity to meet an Apostle.
Wow! Talk about one amazing experience. I got to sit in a small chapel with 140 missionaries up close and hear him speak to us. We also had the privilege to have 2 of the 70 visit us as well. One spoke in the last conference. Elder Basset. (he is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Elder Renlund- asked to shake the hand of each missionary. He wanted to meet each one of us. When it came my turn- I felt my soul jump for joy. I was so overwhelmed by the spirit that I started to cry (got that one from my mom (; hahaha) He asked me where I was from and what city. I never thought it would be so hard to respond that question in English hahaha. Sister Renlund noticed and gave me a big hug. Wow. She had an extremely strong spirit too!!!!!!

I had been praying to know what God wanted me to know before I left. And I received that answer!

Elder Renlund when he spoke- he said that an apostle means that he is one who is sent and he was sent to send 3 messages for us.
1. He said that from the Quorum of the Twelve, the Prophet, and from Christ himself- He said Thank you.
2. He said that we have a right and an obligation to know why we were called to serve in Joao Pessoa. And that we where called of God to be here at the time we were called.
3. That our President and his wife were called of God and they love us.
I felt the spirit so strong when he spoke the 1st point. I never have felt my Savior so near. Truly was a miraculous day!!! 

Love all of you-
Sister Wheatley 

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