Ashley's Mission

Ashley's Mission

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Week 27! Finished the story of Pedro and his family's conversion

Hi family and friends! another quick one!

I have no idea where I left off in my story ... but Pedro and his family prayed and read the Book of Mormon together and when we asked them about it they all where waiting on the edge of the chair just waiting to tell us they knew it was all true- haha they never visited the church but they all wanted to be baptized because they all prayed and new it all was true. When we talked about baptism with them they all shouted out we want to be baptized!!! When they came to church - they all wouldn't stop telling us how they knew this was the Church of Jesus Christ. They are incredible. They go to all the activities. Pedro and Pedrinho will receive the priesthood this week!!!!!!! They invite everyone to church! Their testimonies are incredible! They pray and read every day. They are all in 2 Nephi. Little Paulo Hen. even reads haha he teaches their dog. Its really cute. I am so proud of them and happy!!! I love this family so much! I feel so blessed to be able to be apart of their story- but really it was all them. I have so many stories with this family. They are amazing!! The other day they all where teaching little Paulo again all of the commandments. I began to cry. It was a moment very dear to my heart! They are so special!!! (:

This week we had a flash flood here. We where trapped in the house of the president of the branch for like 4.5 hours. haha it was really cool! I will send pics next week! It continues to RAIN A TON!!!!!!!!!!! and afterwards the sun is extremely hot and strong! 

Thank you for all who sent me emails and letters! You are all amazing! Love you all soooo much!!!!!!!!! I am trying to write and respond but that takes a lot of time!

TODAY- a rat! A RAT! got into our house and for an hour we worked to get him out! It was actually really fun but awful at the same time. AND he was not a little rat- HE WAS GIANT!!!!!!!!! But with our diligent missionary skills we got him out! hehe

LOVE YOU ALL!  Ate mais!

Sister Wheatley

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  1. What a forever-to-be remembered conversion this young Sister's enthusiasm and love of life and the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. Keep it up Ashley!!! Love GMa Wheatley