Ashley's Mission

Ashley's Mission

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Week 49-Sunday of Miracles

OI FAMILIA!!!!!!!!
This one really will be quick because we are going to make BRAZILIAN FOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited! The bispos wife is teaching us!!!
I just wanted to share a quick experience that happened this week:
We have been working for weeks without finding a lot of success. And we have been working hard even leaving early to meet up with investigators at 7:30 in the morning! hahaha
And Saturday.  I was really tired and really sad because I didn't know what else to do. And so I prayed that we could find just 1 person who needed to hear the gospel. And we got up and went out knocking on doors all day and at 8:30pm Saturday night we passed by a house that we had passed by many times trying to get in contact with a woman who keep inviting us to her house but was never home when we knocked. And we decided to go there; AND  when we opened the door her husband answered. And he gasped. (which is really important later in the story); And he started to tell us how he really wanted us to come back. He was so excited! Then we invited him to church on Sunday (yesterday) 9am; And he got really excited and said that he always wanted to visit that church because he was really curious. Then we left because we had to make it home by 9.
And Sunday. He showed up ready for church before 9. And he came in and just started to talk to everyone (he already knew a TON of people); and then we talked a little bit about the church and the members; And then the meeting started;
He really felt the spirit during sacrament. And when the testimony meeting started after the first 2 testimonies he asked me if HE COULD BEAR HIS TESTIMONY! and I said of course!!!! SO he went up and bore his testimony on how he has lived a clean life and how he always had a desire to know this church and how Saturday night when he opened the door and saw us he felt he was in the presence of angels. And how he knew this was where God wanted him to be. I started to cry.
And after sacrament. I asked him what he felt. He told me he didn't have words to describe it. And when I told him we have 2 more classes; He basically shouted for joy!
In the next class- it was about the Holy Ghost. And in the middle of the class he began to explain. That he knew that this was the church of God because the Holy Ghost testified to him when we knocked on his door. 
He said that was also what he was feeling in the church.
Last night- we went and taught him and his sweet wife about the restoration! And he told us that he knew already "in the small time he has had in the church" that the church is true and he already knows "because the spirit told him!" She accepted it too. THEY ARE AMAZING AND THEY HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THE TRUTH. And God blessed me and loved me enough to let me see it happen.
I feel so blessed. We did nothing. Just walked around for days talking to everything that was living! And obeying the spirit. And God helped us to find his child that was ready!  I WOULD DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN IF THATS WHAT GOD ASKED OF ME! I am so excited to help teach his beautiful family! Please pray for them on their journey!!!
I have never felt Gods love for me more than I did yesterday. I have never felt the spirit so strong. I KNOW the church is the church of God and there is no other. There is only one god and one path. All we have to do - is follow, work hard, love, and have faith in him! He will do the rest!!
I really am just an instrument in the hand of God and there is no other place I would rather be!

Don´t worry I will keep y'all updated on this beautiful family!

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