Ashley's Mission

Ashley's Mission

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Week 48-Flying Teeth, Buckets of Water, Funny Bird, Singing in the Rain! What a week!

OI FAMILIA!!!!!!!! E AMIGONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I decided to write my letter different this week! We are working really hard here and we are really struggling to find success (people to teach); But God has blessed us with so much joy and laughter these past few weeks that it is impossible to feel down.
So I decided to tell some fun stories!!!!!!!!
1. So I bought 5 things of Ramen today - AND WON A FREE SPATULA!!!!!!!!! (its really pretty too! haha)
2. I have an object lesson with wood and nails ( wear you have to put all the nails on top of one nail) and no one until now has been able to do it before I showed them how. And we were having a family home evening and I was doing this lesson- and one of the brothers was really frustrated and he told me that he thought I was lying with him. And I told him that it was possible. And he asked me how long it would take me and I told him less than a minute. Then he said that he would personaly make me a TON of sushi if I could do it under 1 min. I DID IT IN 45 SECONDS! I am still waiting for my sushi!!!!!! haha Everyone was shocked!!! And everyone talks about it! I just laugh!
3. There is an amazing member who is extremely funny and intelligent and he invited us over for lunch and as we where eating he sneezed and his TEETH flew into the air!!!!!!!!!  And then his little dog ran to pick them up!!!!! We tried so hard to hold it in- but everyone started laughing and so I died|!!!!!!! hahahahhaha
4. This week was sister amorim´s birthday- and we had lunch at the bispos house. And after lunch´- when we were leaving- the other sisters throw a ton of water down sister amorims pack! I was so shocked! I stepped back and the next thing I knew BISPO SOAKED ME WITH A HUGE BUCKET OF WATER!!!!! And then he ran inside! I had no way to get him back! haha Everybody was laughing then when I wasn't looking he throw a bigger one through the window!!! WITH ICE! It felt so good!!!!!!!! We are planning are revenge with his wife (; YES! haha *side note: I really really really love his family! Bispo, Linda, and Pitter! We found out that lunch was the first time in almost 18 years that he invited the sister missionaries to eat in his house. I felt so honored! I really do love his family!!! We are going pack to his house next p-day to do crafts and learn how to make Brazilian food!!! SO excited!!!! They have really become my family here! 
5. We have a parrot that whistles "whoo-whoo" everytime we pass and if will tell him to come down (he sits high in a tree) - he says NO NO NO and then laughs! Its the greatest thing ever!
6. There is a street that goes down to our house that we call the runway because these past few weeks we have literally been running home to make it in time of the curfew! WE HAVE MADE IT EVERYTIME! MISSIONARIES DE PODER!!! haha
7. We are going out with TONS of youth and members everyday. To teach their friends and to just knock on doors! We have so much fun!!! We sing and the youth are actually fighting over who can come with us! I love this ward so much!!!!!!!!!!!!
8. We are in the middle of a flash flood and my umbrella broke so and my comp left hers in the house of a member so we decided to sing and dance in the rain as we "speed walked home!" Hahaha I WAS SOAKED!

We are working hard and having so much fun!!! I LOVE MY NEW COMP! SISTER LOPEZ IS AMAZING! I have been really been blessed with amazing comps!!!!
We really do whistle while we work(: hehehehe
Well I have to go! I love you all so much! Thank you all so much for your love and support!!!
And remember God does bless those who are obedient! He didn't say this road would be easy - he just said it would be possible!!!! (and you can always fill your life with joy) (:
Ate mais!

Sister Wheatley

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