Ashley's Mission

Ashley's Mission

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Week 58-Do I have any stories about how the gospel changed people's lives?

HI FAMILIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OI!!!! 

I got a really great question today. (Do I have any stories about how the gospel changed people's lives?)

I love that question. The answer is I have millions!!!!!!! I have seen soooooo many lives blessed and changed because of the gospel if they accepted it or not. I have seen people with no hope-now have more hope than a child! I have seen people cry until the tears could not fall anymore - smile until their faces hurt. I have seen the gospel move families, friendships, homes, wards, and even groups of school kids! I have seen the gospel take a drunk off the street and bring him eternal happiness with his family. I have seen the gospel bring answered questions to man, women, teens, and children who were lost. I have seen the miracle of the atonement working in all of us. 
The gospel really does change lives. I love my Savior so much! I know without a doubt that he lives and there is only one way to find true happiness. I know it because I have seen it.

But you wanna know the greatest thing. I have seen the gospel change many lives but I have also seen the effect that it has had in my own life. The gospel has changed my life. I am happy. I am truly happy. 

The greatest story I have is mine. The gospel of my Lord and Christ moved my life. 

I only want to serve my God. And I will for the rest of my life. It doesn't mean the journey will be easy its actually means the contrary, but its the only thing I want to do. I love it!!!!  

I love you! 

Sister Wheatley 

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