Ashley's Mission

Ashley's Mission

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Week 60-Transfered to Tambau-new companion Sister Chuc- they are now sister training leaders

OI FAMILIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today was transfers! SO I wont be able to write a lot!!!!!!!!!!! KNOW I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!

I HAVE BEEN SENT TO TAMBAU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I´ve gone rich ya´ll!!!!! hahaha I am on the beach!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (: There are members who live on the beach................ I will get to eat on the beach!!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha

My new COMP IS AMAZING!!!!!!! WE HAVE BEEN TOGETHER MY WHOLE MISSION! My first split was with her! (when I spoke nothing in Portuguese! hahaha)

SISTER CHUC of Mexico!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We have been called to be the sister training leaders! I am very nervous but am very excited for this oportunidade to serve! I love my sisters already!!! I will have a wonderful chance to work with all of them and closer with Presidente Dias!!!

Welll I have to go! MEET MY NEW WARD! It was very hard for me to leave my last area and my comps! I made some friendships there that will last my whole life!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have never felt so at home in all of my mission! I will miss my Brazilian parents and my family! But I am excited to make my new home here in Tambau!!!!!!!!!!

Love Sister Wheatley 

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