Ashley's Mission

Ashley's Mission

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Week 46-The Miracle of the Sweet Potatoes


I have learned one thing on my mission. If you are obedient and follow all of the commandments of God. God can not hold back blessings and even in moments of pain you feel his love.

This area is a hard area. We have been searching for weeks to find people to teach. This week we decided to work hard and just go for it. And we really began talking to everyone! And when I say everyone- I mean everyone! hahaha We chased down people walking in the streets. It was really fun! haha GOD HAS REALLY HELPED US. We took out a lot of youth with us throughout the week and we went knocking on doors with them. We decided to have a competition to see who could get the most people who would be willing to visit the church with us. For days we did this with different groups of (2 or 3 youth). AND WOW DID WE FIND THE ELECT OF GOD! I am so excited! We have soooooo many people to teach! After a whole transfer of working and searching we have found people to teach and I am so EXCITED AND HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God really really really blessed us this week! (My group lost haha so this p-day we are all going to ice cream with all the youth to celebrate) hahaha SO EXCITED! 

Some facts about Brasil-
The Brazilians are trying to impeach their president and it looks like its going to happen. There are spontaneous protests all the time. (they just stop the buses from going and coming)  
Right now its starting winter which means its really going to start raining here like crazy everyday!
THE BEACH IS A BEAUTIFUL GREEN COLOR. YES I GOT TO SEE THE BEACH! hahaha (in a car) BUT I GOT TO SEE IT!!!! hehe (we are not allowed to visit the beach and the closest we can get is on the other side of the street. 

THE best bread I have EVER eaten is here in Brasil!!! Its sooooooooooooo  good and CHEAP! 4 or 5 rolls for 1 real! (thats equal to $0.25 in dollars)


We have a recent-convert in our area who has been struggling with money. And we have been praying and fasting that she could have a way to have food to feed her family. And we decided to do a service project to help her clean up her house but when we got there she was tearing out the weeds in her yard and planting a garden. SO we decided to help her out. And we began to start pulling out the HUGE weeds. (And because of her back problems she would have been able to do it alone)

We had big hoes that we used to take out the huge weeds and grass. And as we began to dig we started finding a ton of HUGE sweet potatoes. And we keep digging and digging and we began finding a ton. A few giant ones some big ones and tons of medium and little ones!!!!
In the end we found enough potatoes to feed her whole family that night!

She was crying with joy! I was crying with joy too! She knew it was a blessing from God and she wouldn't stop telling us how much she felt him helping her in this time of trial.

I feel so blessed to have been able to see and been a part of this miracle. I really do love my Savior! 

ATE MAIS! I am off to the a steak-out! I am soooo excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ready for P-day!

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