Ashley's Mission

Ashley's Mission

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Week 62-Hard time remembering English-gets to go back to Santa Rita-and First Mission Council

HI OI HOLA! Family e and FAMILIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So it hit me Sunday that I am going to have serious problems coming home to the US-because I cant remember little phrases in English!!!!

We had two Americans visit our ward here and I tried to talk to them! It was ROUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha I had to stop and regroup and think about everything little thing I was saying because I couldn't say one sentence without saying one or two words in Portuguese! hahahahaha

This week was crazy. haha 

The week started with everybody including me in our house - getting sick!! haha

But we all recovered quickly and we are all SUPER happy!  YES! haha

This week I went out on my first splits was really fun! I took out a Sister Klimes from Minnesota! She is amazing and super super sweet!!!! We had a good day!

This week I am traveling back to SANTA RITA!!!!!!!! I will get to visit my recent converts and the members! I am so excited! I will spend a few days there! With some amazing sisters (: 

This week- Is my first mission council. Its where all the leaders get together and talk about the mission and the missionaries with President!! (: I am so excited and a little nervous. It is tomorrow!!

Sorry I haven't sent pics recently the computers are a little scary here and I am scared to lose it all!! haha But I will send it soon! 

Love Sister Wheatley 

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