Ashley's Mission

Ashley's Mission

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Week 63-Sister Training Leader

OI familia!

Hoje vou ser muito rápido! haha È muito mais fácil de escrever em portuguese do que inglês! haha Não vou escrever mais haha! 

This week was crazy!!!!!
I went out on 3 splits! I got to go back to my old area SANTA RITA! It was amazing to see all the members and remember all of the special experiences I had there!!! 
It was fun because I surprised a few members who were really special to me and we had some really special moments together! 

Mom had some questions. As a sister training leader- our responsibility changes a lot depending on the mission. Here I am the special help for the Zone leaders-know how their sisters (because they can´t go out on splits with them and they cant visit them or their areas) So thats my job. I am responsible for the spiritual and physical welfare of the sisters! 

We had the council meeting this week! I LOVE PRESIDENTE DIAS!!!!!!!! I left that meeting so spiritually uplifted and ready to work! And an Sister in my ward made all the food- it was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And she made my favorite Lemon Cake! I love her!!!! She is actually making us lunch today!!!!!! She is amazing! (She is the bishops wife and the mom to our ward mission leader! haha) 

Anybody have a good apple pie recipe???????????? An Sister in the ward really wants one!!! Or one really easy to make?? (She made me an apple crisp dessert with ice cream and I couldn't help but think about our family's reunions!) 

We are working hard and loving Tambau! There are a lot of apartment complexes here so we are working on ideas to get into the building and teach the people there!
We are teaching a ton of families but almost all of them need to get married. Very few people get married here. Because the marriage process costs a lot of money and people have lost the importance of it all; Are greatest difficulty is helping people see the importance of marriage and the family! We have some wedding planned for the end of the month! We are excited and I LOVE PLANNING! hahaha

Well I love you all so much! Know that GOD LIVES! He created his commandments to bring happiness and joy to our lives. THE COMMANDS ARE THE WAY WE GAIN BLESSINGS! You will be more free through obeying them than another way! 

Sister Wheatley 

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